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Postby Sandy_Rivers » Fri Apr 04, 2014 7:25 am

Shinula wrote:In other notes, Sunset Shimmer and Starswirl. Neither of them has had their talent actually stated. We know Sunset Shimmer was a student of Celestia but this doesn't mean her talent was magic itself, and there's no evidence to suggest this. She did not use magic when stealing Twilight's crown obviously.

Actually, during Sunset Shimmer's getaway, she used a teleportation spell to get around Twilight (not all that dissimilar to the same spell Twilight used to trick Nightmare Moon in Ep2 ). It was a quick moment but I think it went to illustrate that Sunset Shimmer was incredibly talented at magic and a formidable rival to Twilight. Even Twilight Sparkle had to struggle when she teleported past Nightmare Moon but Sunset Shimmer appeared to do it with ease. This is all conjecture, naturally, and doesn't really contribute much to the discussion anyway because for anypony to be Celestia's student would mean that they're a prodigy and far beyond any normal levels of magical ability.

I like the Starswirl theory though. X3
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Re: Magic Discussion

Postby Shinula » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:18 pm

You're right, I misremembered. Previous post corrected.
But as you say, character is a prodigy and a student of Celestia. (And even then do we actually know what her talent is directly?)
Such characters, canon or OC wise should be far and few. I would like to go and recount all the ones I know that have appeared in the chat but I fear that would be "outing" people and I do not wish to show people as bad examples.
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Re: Magic Discussion

Postby aspirations » Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:57 am

Okay, so what I'm picking up here is:
- a unicorn's magic has to do with their cutie mark/talent
- unicorns can learn magic outside of their cutie mark magic, but it is very difficult and takes lots of practice, some talent, and a strong desire to learn
- spells such as teleportation/blink, healing magic, massive levitation, aging spells, etc. are not possible for most unicorns
- items can be enchanted with magic, but this takes significant skill (also needs clearance with a mod)
-healing magic is possible and is often used to speed healing or set bones, but instant healing is almost if not absolutely impossible
- magic has very strict limits; it cannot be used to change genders, it can tire a pony to the point of exhaustion, it cannot create cutie marks, and (taking inspirations from Harry Potter here) it cannot create something out of nothing
- magic-related cutie marks are only somewhat uncommon (ie Starswirl, Sunset Shimmer, etc.), but a talent that is specifically magic (ie Twilight Sparkle) is extremely rare, and Twilight may be the only unicorn to have this power

Now, my own idea:
Kind of like hypnosis or meditation, performing magic requires that the performer not only 'say' magic words inside their head, but also perform specific motions with their horn and create a certain pattern/rhythm of thought. Spell books explain these motions, words, and rhythms, but most unicorns are unaware that that's how magic is performed in the first place, much less have they trained themselves to change their thought patterns, so they can't pick up a spellbook and learn a piece of magic from it.

Magic drains energy from a pony just as much as running, flying, or playing a sport does. It takes energy from the pony to make the perfect brain waves, but the physical manifestation of the spell is also created using the pony's energy. A pony can easily 'burn out' or use so much energy through their magic that they collapse, and these magic drains take longer and are more complex to heal than ordinary injuries. *we can classify certain spells at certain levels and subtract them from MP or HP or whatever so that characters have a pretty tight limit on how much and how advanced magic they can perform*

Also, I think some random pony would be the author of the magic book. Twilight doesn't seem to me the type of pony that would actually write a book rather than just read it. We can come up with an alias that's fitting for an authority on magic.
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Re: Magic Discussion

Postby Shinula » Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:19 pm

I'd say you got all those points right, at least as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully everypony else is on board with it too so we can set some guidelines.
(except creating something from nothing with arguably Twilight and Trixie have both done for gag purposes)

As for spell books I had a talk about those last night and it occurred to me that practising magic should not involve directly learning specific spells but rather the theory behind them, so as you say, motions and such are part of that but also things like energy focus and little bits and pieces. This I'm not too concerned about and maybe it's different for different types of magic, who knows. Not really an issue.

Fatigue from magic is already a given and hopefully everypony already knows it.

Author of the book: Well Starswirl has already been known to write many a book, why not him?
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