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Selling your iPod is a crime?

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Selling your iPod is a crime?

Postby Chell » Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:11 am

It is if this law passes. If you want the right to be able to sell your stuff, please click here and add your name:

There's more information there. Thank you.
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Re: Selling your iPod is a crime?

Postby flutter shy » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:27 am

here we go, another silly law that will be either compleatly rejected because freedom or taken with open arms because capitalist
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Re: Selling your iPod is a crime?

Postby CrystalBrookes » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:12 am ... rt/c6tbjc3

Relevant. Some NSFW language. Basically explains why this is sensationalism.

This isn't a "law" being passed. This is a supreme court ruling relevant to a guy who massively resold more than a million dollars worth of imported textbooks.

"The Copyright Act states that a copyrighted product can't be imported into the US without the permission of the copyright holder. At the same time, the act also gives you permission to sell a copyrighted product that you purchased without the permission of the copyright holder. Because the first sale doctrine is codified into the Copyright Act, the Supreme Court can't overturn it.
The problem that is before the court is that Supap Kirtsaeng realized that college textbooks were cheaper in his home country of Thailand than they were here in the US. So his family purchased textbooks and mailed them to him in the US where he resold them, making $1.2 million. John Wiley & Sons is accusing him of importing the books without their permission while Kirtsaeng is claiming the first sale doctrine.

What the lower courts stated was that Kirtsaeng imported the books without the copyright holder's permission and was therefore violating the Copyright Act. THEY DID NOT OVERTURN THE FIRST SALE DOCTRINE. What they stated was that you can't buy something overseas, bring it to the US, and then resell for a profit unless the copyright holder gives you permission. In other words, if you buy something from a store in the US, and then resell it to somepony also in the US, you are fine. You can still resell your music CD's, you can still sell games to Gamestop, and you can still resell your old electronics on Amazon; assuming of course you purchased them from a seller within the US."

Unless you buy your ipad in china, you're alright.
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