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The Journal of the Two Sisters: Observations

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The Journal of the Two Sisters: Observations

Postby Shinula » Fri Jul 31, 2015 4:12 pm

Book Spoilers!

The Journal of the Two Sisters is an official story book by Amy Keating Rogers. It details a diary by Princess Celestia and Luna, starting after the Unification of Equestria. (When Pegasi, Unicorns and Earth ponies all agreed to work together)

After reading The Journal of the Two Sisters, it specifies a lot of things, and this is just going to outline some of those things.

Spoiler: show
Alicorn information
  • While it doesn't directly state it, it's strongly implied that the Sisters were already Alicorns long before being declared Princesses, possibly even born as Alicorns.
  • The Sisters were declared Princesses by Star Swirl the Bearded, who with the previous rulers of pony kind, decided that a pair of Alicorns would best represent all ponies as a whole.
  • Both Sisters were taught how to speak in the Royal Canterlot Voice when they were both fillies, by other Alicorns, referred to as The Alicorns. The story does not specify anything else concerning The Alicorns.
  • Neither Sister got their cutie marks for a very long time, both specifying that this was normal for Alicorns given their life spans, and neither of them were particularly bothered by it. They earned their cutie marks by taking over the Raising of the Sun and Moon, the marks appearing immediately upon the first time.

The Castle of the Two Sisters
  • The Tree of Harmony is apparently famous at the time, perhaps only to bookworms though. Either way it has been there for longer than Celestia and Luna were alive.
  • The Sisters decided to build their castle above the ravine of the Tree, simply because it was there.
  • Luna was the one who insisted on all the traps and mechanisms in the castle, Celestia just wanted a traditional castle until Luna convinced her. The only reason Celestia agreed was Luna said they could also put in a secret library with a secret door.

The Sun and Moon
Before The Sisters were in charge of the day/night cycle, Starswirl and 10 other Unicorns would handle it, 5 lowering one celestial body, 5 raising the other. The process of course takes SIGNIFICANT magic. So much, that the unicorns who did this, lost their magic permanently, except for Starswirl.
Eventually Starswirl lost his magic too, failing to bring about the Day by himself, having run out of Unicorns. He asked the Sisters to do it instead, realising as Alicorns they were more than capable. The Sisters did as requested, and grew more powerful for it, earning their cutie marks as well. They used their new found power to restore magic to all the unicorns.

Apparently moving stars is harder than the sun and moon for some reason.

Luna and monsters
Luna can talk to Manticores, and presumably other monsters. She teaches Celestia how but Celestia is not very good at it.
Luna befriended a Manticore named Melvin, along with various other creatures of the forest.

Time Travel
Starswirl the bearded invented Time Travel spells as seen in the show, but apparently he was capable of doing it repeatedly without limitation, although during the prototyping the magic messed up his age, making him younger.
It is also implied Star Swirl learns much from Time Travel and knows more than he lets on, using his knowledge to guide the Princesses

ZebrasI hate this part so muuuuuch
  • Luna explored a part of the Everfree where there were a TRIBE of Zebras, quite probably Zecoras ancestors, all speaking in Rhyme.
  • The village was in a clearing of the Everfree, which was mostly covered in long grass.
  • They were accosted by Manticores, and had shielded and secluded their village with potions and magic.
So I went further into the forest, and the trees got thicker and thicker. I could barely see where I was going. The branches were scratching me. Even using my horn to light my way wasn't helping. But Finally the leaves and branches began to loosen up and I could see again.
I looked out and saw a place I'd never seen in all of Equestria. Tall grass was now under my hooves and covered the land in front of me.

  • At the time they had a leader named Gregor.
  • The Griffons had a treaty with pegasus ponies concerning air space, but once Equestria was formed as a nation, the Griffons challenged the treaties due to a technicality. A griffon attacked Celestia mid-air and knocked her out of the sky.
  • Hurricane wanted to go to battle with the griffons as they got more aggressive, but The Sisters insisted on peace.
  • They essentially sealed the treaty by going up to Gregor, Luna insisting very loudly on the treaty in her Royal Canterlot Voice, while Celestia sweetened the deal with Eclairs that Starswirl had made.
  • Apparently Gregor was rather cranky due to his pastry chef leaving.

Crystal Empire
  • Apparently the Crystal Empire has been standing long before Equestria formed.
  • The ruler at the time was Princess Amore, more than likely an ancestor of Princess Cadance.
  • The Crystal Empire was Princess Amore's own domain and not under the rule of The Sisters, but as allies they could call on eachother for help.
  • The Crystal Heart that protects the Emptire was originally found in a Crystalline mountain which a dragon claimed as it's horde.

When the Empire was formed

Other Important Facts
  • Luna has atrocious handwriting
  • The Sisters once had a turtle named Jim
  • Luna thinks the Everfree is awesome.
  • Celestia is a huge nerd
  • Luna liked to go around the Castle scaring ponies using the traps and mechanisms.
  • Luna pretended to be sick to get out of a meeting so she could go around scaring the VIPs
  • Celestia actually really loved high speed flying, and raced Commander Hurricane.
  • Celestia once scared away a dragon with her Royal Canterlot Voice. Luna writes that Celestia was so angry she literally glowed.
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Re: The Journal of the Two Sisters: Observations

Postby aspirations » Sat Aug 01, 2015 5:19 pm

These revelations delight me to no end. I'm actually so happy about most of these.
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Re: The Journal of the Two Sisters: Observations

Postby Sandy_Rivers » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:35 pm

Thanks for summarizing all this, Shine!
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