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Gender Bent Pony Names

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Gender Bent Pony Names

Postby KnightShadow1 » Mon Apr 11, 2016 3:42 am

So... I've been looking every where and can't seem to find a good discussion about this and there doesn't seem to be one here so I suppose I'll start one. Gender Bent Pony Names. The mane 6 and other ponies throughout Equestria all have names pertaining to what their talent is, or at least something to do with it. Except Pinkie Pie, but she's the exception I suppose. So, the Gender Bent versions of them all have strange names. I like a lot of them, and some of them I just... I don't know... I'll list my favorites and least favorites and then you guys can give your take on some of them and even give others.


Twilight Sparkle - Dusk Shine
Rainbow Dash - Rainbow Blitz
Rarity - Elusive
Pinkie Pie - Bubble Berry
Fluttershy - Butterscotch
Spike - Barb
Luna - Osiris (Or Artemis, it depends on the person really)
Celestia - Solaris
Sombra - Umbra
Discord - Eris
Shining Armor - Gleaming Shield (On the fence about this one honestly)

Not Good Names

Cadence - Bolero (What the hell?)
Lyra - Guyra (Real imaginative...)
Bon Bon - ... she hasn't gotten one yet.
Big Macintosh - Macareina (I'm not sure about this one... to be perfectly honest with you...)
Apple Bloom - Applebuck (So... Apple Bloom becomes what AJ does for a living.)
Applejack - AJ (It's... just Applejack shortened to AJ... real imaginative...)
Mayor Mare - Senator Stallion (Seriously? She gets gender bent and PROMOTED at the same time?)

If there are others, which I know there are, I missed them both because I can't think of them and because I don't know them. But what about you all? What are your favorite and least favorite and what names can some of you come up with that are better than the other ones? No fighting, be nice, and remember, Friendship is Magic. :twilightsmile:
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Re: Gender Bent Pony Names

Postby Cushman » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:06 am

I'm kind of digging Bolero and Senator Stallion. They have a ring to them. Otherwise, I agree with you a hundred percent.
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