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Why so few stallions?

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Why so few stallions?

Postby Skyblaze » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:29 pm

This is meant to answer that old chestnut of why there seems to be so few stallions on the show. Well... aside from the fact that the show's original target audience were young girls...

But who wants to take that as an answer? Let's do what this fandom does best! OVER-ANALYZE! :twilightsmile:

Another answer could lie in wild horse and pony social structures. ... n_the_wild

Wild horse and pony herds are female-dominant, with usually only one dominant stallion and a few other sub-dominant males. The ratio of males to females is often as low as 1-20. Other males that aren't part of any permanent herd wander in and out of herds -- as long as they don't get too much attention from the mares and thus cause a challenge to the dominant stallion.

Extend this instinctive herding behavior to our sentient cartoon ponies, and you can see how herds eventually grew into communities. Mares and young stayed on with a few dominant and young stallions, and eventually a village formed. The dominant mare runs the place, while the dominant stallion is more of a protector. Villages grew to cities, and so on. Mares generally stay put, and stallions generally wander from place to place.
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Re: Why so few stallions?

Postby Sandy_Rivers » Wed Feb 06, 2013 1:54 pm

Theory number 2: They were all sent... TO THE MOON!
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