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Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:18 pm
by Seance71
As the title says, I am working on a game (Using RPG Maker VX Ace) that consists of almost entirely of OCs. As one would expect, the game is in need of characters, but I am indeed limited. Unfortunately, the top 9 Main Characters are already filled by my closest friends both on and off of this site. HOWEVER! I do enjoy just adding a bit of more "audience support" to my games, so that is what this is about. Not sure what else to say, but I'll just put in spots that I can think of. Questions, ask away!

What was supposed to be another day in Ponyville, almost instantly starts out as chaos when Ponies discover they have been changed into hairless, bipedal creatures called "Hoomans." (Who thinks of these names?) While the Elements of Harmony are sent off to try and fix this issue, Razor Breeze (Shameless placement of main OC... :derpyt: ) decides to enter Ponyville to assist in calming the citizens of Ponyville. But it turns out more than just species change is the issue, seeing as not only has the Everfree creatures decided to enter Ponyville, but also replicas of ponies that attack the original! What is the meaning of this? Why are the ponies now Humans? Where is Kick's cake? Only the bonds forged through friendship can answer these questions and save the day!

The game is an RPG that uses a Turn-based engine game style. You have H.P and M.P as expected. (None-unicorns have Specials instead of spells.) But the game will also support a third score that will progressively increase during battle and reset once the fight is over; Spirit. This is used for the more focused Specials each character earns, but can also be used for a surprise if brought up to it's maximum, 100. The game will also include special cut-scenes and routes that will strengthen bonds between the other 8 characters as well as a few romantic routes. Improving these routes will earn not only the main character a boost in power and a possible new move, but also increase your team mate's stats! Not to mention sneaking around and checking the nooks and crannies in the game will reveal backstory information, unique items and even information on other characters!

Protagonist: Razor Breeze
Partner 1: Kick Pulse
Partner 2: Sapphire Night
Partner 3: Mayday
Partner 4: Sunset Skye
Partner 5: Cold Remedy
Partner 6: Sandy Rivers
Partner 7: Crystal Shard
Partner 8: Sunny
Partner 9: ?????? ((It's going to be a surprise. :ajsmug: ))
Item Shop Clerk: Generick
Weapon/Armor Shop Clerk: N/A
Healer: N/A
Bartender 1: Jester
Bartender 2: N/A
Accessory Merchant: Karma (Pending...)
Mechanic: Shine

Artists: Sandy Rivers, Myself, Kick Pulse

Concepts and ideas: Sandy Rivers, Vincent Havoc

The characters Pending are character who I have ether not asked yet, or are waiting to see how the game goes and ends up before allowing use.


You will be allowed access to play an open Alpha of the game when I have both a comfortable amount of characters and have gotten around 25% of the game prepared. Granted, I have attempted something like this before (A game called "World's Collide") which was...well, poorly executed and became so chaotic that Discord would probably yell at me. Honestly, that game was supposed to do the same thing this game was supposed to do, but I got distracted, thought process went of the rail and kind of entered a slump of creativity. But this game will be different! (Hey, why are you giving me that look?) Adding certain aspects and knowing how to use this game more properly as well as not being a fool and deleting EVERYTHING before getting started.

Bottom Line?
This game is meant to show my love for this site, being a proud member for only a short 4-5 years and as a thank you to it's community! I will be programming the game and making the main story, but YOU get to choose what little tid-bits are put in the game. Maybe you'd like to have the main character find an object iconic to your character, or hear a quote your character would say. Possibly even have a cameo and be in the game itself! I am hoping this becomes a big success, because I love Fillydelphia and it's patrons!

So, until next time. Salutations!

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2015 4:31 pm
by MrPip42
If you are waiting to ask me, yes you are allowed to use Cold Remedy as a partner. I expect her to be a support character XP

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:12 pm
by Seance71
Due to my stay at the hospital, the game is being postponed.

Work Done so far


Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 12:43 pm
by Sandy_Rivers
Hey, nopony completes a game in a day. If you keep at it with a little work each day, I'm sure you'll get there! :raritywink:

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:35 am
by Seance71
I'm home, but some of the data was messed with due to me leaving my computer unattended and my niece deciding to play on the computer when I was working on the data. She's adorable and I love her, but it kind of set me back a bit. But I'm back at it! Thank you all for your patience.

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 6:15 pm
by sweetpops99
You're allowed to use Pepper Stick, my favorite OC, as a background pony, or maybe a kid with a quest? You can look at my profile to see what she looks like.

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2016 9:46 pm
by Shinula
Moved thread to Creativity Discussion.

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:16 pm
by Seance71
I just wanted to do an Update Post about the current situation on the Game. So, here it is.

Completed Base

As I said in the previous sections, I had completed many of the Items, Weapons, Armors, Skills and Status Effects. Now where some of this was backed up due to an accident, I am proud to announce that Classes (Which will be unimportant since you can not change them in the first round of playing) but also the hidden characters and first opening scene of the game. So as Sandy Said, Rome was not built in a day~

Primary Focus

My Primary focus at the moment is Enemy and Troops for this week as well as trying to focus on Plot and Mini-Quests.

Added Material

Due to an Aspect that Sapphire Night will play a major part of, I will be adding two Variables; one called Malice which will go up the less Merciful you are, and Mercy which will go up with a merciful heart. This is to prevent the actions of farming against monsters and doing evil acts as well as effect the story in the end. You can reduce your Malice score by Donating Bits to the Local Church, performing kind acts for NPCs, turning evil characters and Completing quests. I want to note, that it will be much easier to increase your Malice than decrease it.

Now, regarding the Mercy Variable, this one will gradually increase when your Malice score is low and you still perform one of the acts to reduce it. As your Mercy grows, Sapphire may learn to perform certain actions within the story as well as hold more trust towards the Main Character. It will also effect a few other events in the game~

Also, the game currently has Eleven (11) endings and my have more in the future. One "Bad Ending," Seven "Neutral Endings," One "Evil Ending," One "Good Ending," and my personal favorite, The "True Ending."

Welp, that's all for now. I will update you guys Next Month on my Progress and see how it is going. I am hard at working making this game as interesting as I can and with the Bonus Characters (Idea given by Vincent Havoc) I have planned for the game, I am going to be busy finding out how to add them into the game. Good Luck, everypony and Thank you for your Patients.

Re: Designing Video game made up of almost all OCs!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:30 pm
by Seance71
" your saying this isn't just about the worlds messing up but also something bigger?" - Razor Breeze

Update Time!

Alright, so the last month was just straight up chaotic. I've been preparing another Radio Show for a dear friend of mine as well as expanding that into something much bigger. Along with daily life's chaos I have gotten sidetracked massively. So, unfortunately, not a lot of work was done. However, Some work was completed and even started! Let's get to it!

Completed Base
What I have completed in the last month are all of the Monsters and Traits of each monster. Prepare for upwards towards 300+ monsters to locate and spare (or slaughter). Where granted most of them have a "Shadow" clone to deal with, that doesn't make the amount of monsters any lower or any less expansive!

Primary Focus
My Primary for this month is finally getting the game at a Playable state! But my primary focus will be codding the basic system to get things running along. I am going to see about getting new sprites for everypony and work on how to obtain the unlock-able characters (Trust me, even the complitonists are gonna have hard time unlocking ALL of them.)

Added Material
As of late, I have begun testing my hand using Gamemaker(tm) and am seeing how that runs. If I can get good enough to where i am comfortable
with it, I may be able to make a squeal or a spin off game to this one.