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Hi, I'm Sketchy Wings!

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Hi, I'm Sketchy Wings!

Postby Sketchy Wings » Mon Feb 01, 2016 5:34 pm

My OC's character profile :heart:

Pony Name: Sketchy Wings

Changeling Name: Actias

Nickname: Etch

Species: Pony-Changeling Hybrid

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight



(Pony Form) Lavender Pegasus mare with a moonlight yellow mane and tail and midnight blue eyes

(Changeling Form) Just a regular changeling


(Pony Form) Mint green bow tied to base of tail, pencils stuck in tail, magenta star earring, gray and black striped legwarmers

(Changeling Form) None


Mother: Emerald Heartthrob (Pegasus)

Father: Diptera (Changeling)

Stepfather: Sanguine Alchemy (Unicorn)

Grandmother (Mom's side): Blossoming Wisdom (Pegasus)

Siblings: none

Other Family: Not important


Best Friend: Spectrum Dream

Crush: None (yet)



· ”Listen, I don’t get mad easily, but breaking my concentration is definitely a way to do it. You break my concentration, I break your face.”

· “Be quiet. I’m trying to draw.”

· “You love me? That sounds delicious – uh, I mean…..”

· “Sarcastic? Me? Never!”

· “I can change my shape on command, but no pony can make me change my mind.”

Personality: Sketchy Wings is very quiet and sensitive at first, but her explosive temper changes that quickly. She doesn’t like or trust other ponies until she gets to know them, which can lead to her befriending them, or hating them more, depending on the pony. Her changeling form is noticeably more forward and aggressive than her pegasus form. She will often transform back into changeling self as a form of intimidation. She is forgetful, extremely disorganized, and has almost no sense of direction, both physically and socially. She also tends to panic in social situations.


· Drawing

· Music

· Reading

· Comic books/manga

· Cartoons/anime

· Flying

· Mint, chocolate, and raspberry flavored things

· Frappes

· Love


· Most other ponies

· Crowds

· Being stared at

· Bullying

· Being interrupted

· Boredom

· Heavy metal music

· Getting caught feeding on love


Sketchy Wings’ story begins with her parents falling in love, but little did her mother, Emerald Heartthrob, know, her lover had a secret. He was a changeling named Diptera, and all he wanted was to feed on her love for him. He eventually came upon a predicament. Emerald wanted a child, and in order to preserve her love until the inevitable, he complied. Soon, Etch was born, and Emerald was shocked and dismayed to discover she had a changeling for a daughter. Enraged over Diptera’s betrayal, she left him and married Sanguine Alchemy, but the relationship soon fell through, and they separated. Emerald knew that she didn’t had what it took to be a mother, so she heartbrokenly let her mother, Blossoming Wisdom, adopt Etch. Diptera, meanwhile, had retreated back to the changeling’s homeland. Sanguine still keeps in touch with Etch, visiting her and giving gifts, and he loves her just as much as any father should. Emerald’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Blossom was a kind and loving, yet strict guardian. She was extremely overprotective of Etch, and homeschooled her until she reached the eighth grade. Blossom had fallen ill, and after fighting the disease and winning, she no longer had the energy to homeschool Etch properly. Etch enrolled in the local middle school, graduated, and moved on to the high school. There In her homeroom she met Spectrum Dream, a unicorn filly and fellow misfit who she soon struck up a friendship with after they received their cutie marks together. Their cutie marks appeared after they realized Etch’s artistic talent and Spec’s colorful imagination made them the perfect creative team. They have been inseparable ever since.

Sketchy Wings still has trouble making friends. Her half pony, half changeling nature makes her emotions and magic extremely unstable. One moment she might be perfectly calm, the next she could be sobbing bitterly or screaming with rage, blasting acid green flaming magic everywhere. Even so, she tries her very hardest to be a kind and gentle as possible, leading her to often be taken advantage of. Many of the other fillies have bullied her relentlessly over the years, and this makes her very distrusting of other ponies. She will only befriend ponies that she can trust with her life.
Sketchy Wings
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Sketchy Wings
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Re: Hi, I'm Sketchy Wings!

Postby LeopardPrintz » Wed May 10, 2017 1:03 pm

Nice bio! :D
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Re: Hi, I'm Sketchy Wings!

Postby VinnyHavoc » Mon May 07, 2018 2:17 pm

Information on what? Come to the chat, the chat's where it's at!
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