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Marl's Myriad Medley of Mini-games

This is for you to discuss minigame that can be done within roleplay, with our dice system, on the forum, what have you.

Marl's Myriad Medley of Mini-games

Postby no space » Thu Mar 01, 2012 6:11 pm

The first game I'd like to cover is called "Wash the Windows." Okay, fine, you want real games.

A lot of games you could play in chat don't need special considerations for dice and such; they can just be played with the real-world rules, like chess (why?), or charades, or what have you. Then, there's some games that just can't/wouldn't go over well as a mini-game, like card or board games and the like. However, since some people have expressed interest in having mini-games and I don't have anything better to do... here's some simple rules I think would work fairly well for a few different ones. I'm open to suggestions, requests for additional games I couldn't think of, hatemail, etc etc.


I just want to make it clear that I'm not trying to make any kind of hard and fast rules for these games, I just figured I could provide a bit of structure for anypony who wanted it. You can mix around what I've got here to suit your needs, come up with your own rules, or just free-form the whole thing, and I won't be bothered one bit.

Races would be based on 1d6 dice rolls. Set a goal for racers to hit, and go by rounds. Say you set the goal to be twenty or so, then each player goes in turn acting out their round based on their roll until somepony reaches twenty. If multiple characters reach it in the same round, highest number wins. If they get the same total, it's a tie. The rolls can be public or private, depending on the players' preferences.

This could also be modified for any other game that requires outrunning somepony - tag, Duck Duck Goose, and so on. It would likely just be a single one on one roll to see who wins, in that case, though it may vary by situation.
Optional modifier: Quickness

Roll a 1d11 to see how effective your first throw is (1 is a gutterball, 2 is one pin, and so on until 11 is a strike), then roll a 1d(x+1) for the second throw, where 'x' is however many pins you have left. Or you could start with a 1d10 if you play nine-pin like some kinda weirdo or something. You could play a whole ten frame game if you really want, or just make it three, five, or whatever you have the patience/time for. Additional bowling rules here, since I'm not about to start a lecture on properly scoring spares and strikes and such. Y'all can figure that out for yourselves if you really want.
Optional modifier: Excitement (?)

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
The party-hoster rolls a 1d20, then whoever of the players gets closest to that number with their own 1d20 rolls wins.

Hide and Seek
Hiders roll a 1d20. That score is the quality of their hiding spot. For the first round of play, the seeker rolls a 1d10, and any character(s) with an equal or lesser roll has their location revealed to the seeker, who can then choose who to go and root out. If the seeker did not roll higher than any of the hiders, they search fruitlessly for a turn, then go to the next round - they roll again, and add that number to the previous. The rounds continue like this until the seeker finds one of the hiders.

Optional rules, to be used at player discretion:
:derpyd: If characters are playing with a 'base,' then once a character is found, it's a 1-round race to reach the base before they're tagged.

:derpydd: If characters are playing until all hiders have been found or safely reach base, then each time a character is found, you could subtract their hiding spot score from the seeker's
    total to keep it interesting.
:derpyd: If the seeker's rolls are equal to somepony's hiding spot quality, an additional one on one 1d6 roll can be made to see if the seeker is good enough to spot them. If the hider
    wins, the seeker must spend at least one round searching for somepony else. Tie goes to the hider.
:derpydd: Hiders may be allowed to change hiding spots between rounds if they want to try for a better one. If they roll lower than their original, or lower than the seeker's current total,
    they're automatically spotted, and a chase may begin.
Optional modifiers: Excitement, Quickness


Okay, so my thread's not really living up to the 'Myriad' title, yet, because I'm not much of a social person and can't think of any more games at the moment. However, if anypony has any ideas for new games or rule additions/modifications/deletions, it'd be much appreciated, and I'll keep adding to and editing this list as necessary.
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Re: Marl's Myriad Medley of Mini-games

Postby AppleTart » Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:13 am

Oh, referring to bowling it's best to roll 1 higher than the number of pins so you can account for gutter balls and the like.
For example you roll a 11 for ten pins, letting the zero mean a clean miss, 2 meaning one hit and so on.
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Re: Marl's Myriad Medley of Mini-games

Postby no space » Fri Mar 02, 2012 8:42 am

Whoops, dunno why I was thinking you could roll a zero. Fixed, thank you.

Also, I changed around the rules for the second throw in bowling, so it's now based on how many pins are left. I tried to think if there was a way to simulate something like a 7-10 split, but I figure that's too involved for a simple chat mini-game anyway.
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Re: Marl's Myriad Medley of Mini-games

Postby Yayoumee » Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:35 pm

Thank you for this answer.
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