June 2011

Gladys' Redemption

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Wed, 2011-06-29 19:00 - 22:30

"I'm not sure how or why I deluded myself for so long. I tricked myself into believing that I wasn't hearing the voices, or realizing that my mind had been sliced into five parts. I didn't understand how deeply this corruption had embedded itself into my mind. When I stopped deluding myself, I believed that the source of the corruption came from somewhere else, and so did the voices.
"Now I have to accept that I was wrong. The voices come from me. I am the source of the voices, and I am the instrument of the evils I have done. I must now accept this fact, as well as accept responsibility for my actions.

Puzzles and Ponies going Live!

We've got a new role playing system: Puzzle and Ponies!. Found by Barbarella, we think that integrating it directly into our chat will be a great way to help keep ourselves balanced, as well as to encourage and harbour further creativity when developing your characters. Making a character sheet is going to be mandatory. Using dice in roleplay will be optional. The main reason for this, is to help balance things out a bit more, and to help us play together more fairly Also, character points may be awarded for participation in future events! Familiarize yourself with the rules (They are extremely simple and easy to use!) make a sheet for your character, and have some more fun! 

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Puzzles and Ponies: Ponies of Ponyville




Ponies of Ponyville

Fillydelphia Edition 1.0


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In here, you will see examples of Well known ponies, rules for Foals, and Other species.



Puzzles and Ponies: Introduction and Basics

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Green Week Awards!

Thank Y'all for Tryin'! I imagine that's what our winner would have to say! Though of course, that's what I'd like to say too! Thanks everyone who participated in the Green Week Event! Now, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for: Here's your badges! Feel free to link them into your profile, and if you're not sure how, just get help from me or Mayday! Fore the rest of the results, just look past the break, and if you participated, you should find your badge!





Event- Commemoration Party!

Event Data: 
Fri, 2011-06-24 14:00 - 20:00

Joe and Obsidian are having a big bash for the breaking ground of Joes new shop.   Donations have been piled in for everypony to help out during this time!

Greenie's Diary-- "Going Home"

Dear Diary (You'd better write back)

I keep getting distracted from that most important of tasks... But really, with so much going on right now, how can Mother expect me to just drop everything and trot off in response to her every beck and call? Haha. I'm a nusy mare, I'm successful! I have a thriving business, and a strong admiration for Princess Luna. I'm very, very busy. Yes I am. So much getting done every day...

The Octave

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

A WiP!

Owner: Octavia

Location: Beneath the cellar of SAA.

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

Entrances: WiP

Description:  WiP

The End of Green Week!

And so ends a truely fun event! Now of course, I'm sure everyone's wondering about getting their badges! To redeem your Green Week Badge, send Oni_Sorasousha a PUB with the TOTAL number of times you've been hit. If you have multiple characters who participated, you can submit seperate score cards for each character if you want, or you can opt to count all of your hits for the character of your choice. Just please note how you gained your points


UPDATE: Please turn in your score by Monday to be considered in the placing. Scores turned in later will still get badges, but won't be considered for top places.

A Friendly Warning on Hydras

Hey Everypony, Sandy Rivers here to tell you what you need to know to survive in this crazy world! Now, I'm usually a pony that prefers to be as prepared as possible for any contingency but sometimes you make mistakes and they say that experience is the best teacher. Well, some lessons experience teaches with a little slap on the wrist where other messages it likes to beat you with over the head until you can't remember where it was you started. That being said, I offer a disclosure to you all: never do what I did.

Fillydelphia Twitterpated.

Fillydelphia now has a twitter. I may randomly add posts I think are funny to it at any given time. Your mileage may vary, since my sense of humor is obviously, terrible, as measured by the fact that this eye-con is what I'm using for our official Twitter. Oh also, button to the right, just under the Event Calandar.

Just so you know.

Don't make me regret this or things will go back faster than you can say Applejack.

Notable Changes: Rating up to PG

Roleplaying Guidelines linked to Rule 6

Ideals updated slightly.

Event- Afromane meets it's end!

Crescendo Kite is finally getting a vaunted Manecut, done by his little sister, Iona.  While many of his friends may end up no longer able to recognize him without his mane, his personality stays the same.


Kite would like everypony to know, that it is only his mane being cut! This does not mean he is being thrown out of the Town Guard.

First journal of Obsidian

I don't know why I'm doing this, but here goes.

I finally got help from KiteCres to drive the dogs out of my family's mines, along with some repellant from Shinula. But when we got there, we were met by the leader of the dogs, Alpha_Bowie. I was prepared to fight, but KiteCres kept me from doing something stupid. Alpha_Bowie asked us what we were doing in HIS mine, and showed us a ridiculous forgery. KiteCres was able to deduce that Octavia gave the dogs that piece of paper in exchange for digging a series of tunnels under Ponyville. Why would she need tunnels?

Characters review now in progress

To whom it may concern: We are now reviewing active character who have been in play for a while, mostly to keep this very important and defining rule for this site:


 Make the chat as much like the MLP of the show (in spirit) as possible


Due to a few scattered examples of players going outside the rules, the moderators will be privately discussing ways for them to work within the rules. No one is getting banned, nor will any plotlines that you have running that have not been addressed be interrupted. If there is a problem, we will work with you to fix the problem and make this place more enjoyable for everypony.

So, beginning now, we will begins to talk to character that are simply blatantly unfitting for the world of MLP as shown in the MLP: FiM episodes. This is not a crack down or anything. Only the most serious over the top stuff will need adjustment and everyone will have plenty of discussion. I do apologies if this upset anypony or interrupts any plots. However, please understand that we can't please everypony. We can only focus on doing what we promised we will do for you at the very beginning of this site.

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MojitoJoe's Sodas and Beverages limited.

The following is a flyer being distributed around town

Wanted Local Artists!

Danger Journal of Crescendo Kite (Warning, long.)

Dear Journal,

It's been 4 years since my last entry into your pages.   I'm no longer boxing on the Heavy Stallion ranks.  Quit two years ago.   I've got a new job, I love it.  I get to roar at bad creatures or ponies.   Life is grand, isn't it?


On Posters Around Town

Event Data: 
Thu, 2011-06-09 (All day)

Hey everypony.

If you're interested in catching some waves or just learning how to surf, meet me at the big lake near Fluttershy's cottage this Thursday at 4pm (eastern time). I'll provide the boards and the waves. If there's enough interest, we might make it a regular thing.

See you there dudes!


Rules Updated

The Rules have been updated. Since someponies don't seem to understand the implication of staying true to the spirit of the show. And because someponies keep telling me there's such a huuuge difference between PG and PG-13. Past violations of new rules obviously won't be enforced, but anything that shows up from now on will be dealt with as need be. If you're wondering why the rules have changed, and why they seem so gosh darn strict, please check out our ideals. Thank you! This shouldn't affect a vast majority of you! Those of you who it does affect... well. I'm sure you know who you are already.

Green Week!

Event Data: 
Fri, 2011-06-10 (All day) - Fri, 2011-06-17 (All day)

Green Week! The Ponyville Celebration of June

Starting on the 10th this month, and going to the 17th, an event is being held!The Green week waterfight! We all know it's getting a bit hot these June. (Double derp) days,so what better way to cool off than with a water fight? The water will however,be enchanted with green dye that will remain, even when washed, for the duration of the event! At the end of the week, the most green pony (Due to dye! Natural coat color not withstanding!) Will be the winner of a shiny green badge to put on their profile. Unique badges will also be given to second and third place. Non-Unique Participation badges will be given to everypony who joins in!

DeWaltz Journal: Entry 1

    I've always considerred keeping one of these things. Now's as good a time to start as any. I've sequestered myself to Ponyville for some time now. A lot of weird things have happened since I first got here. I won't go into detail, though. Much of it is still a bit hazy to me. Funds have grown tight, but with any luck I'll find work soon. It shouldn't be all that hard, despite my leg. Just need to keep the positive attitude up.

Shinula's Pharmacy

You like? Shinula made from recycled news-paper. Do not ingest though, ink is toxic. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE.

Ah. Hello. You are probably wondering, 'Who is crazy striped pony, putting posters everywhere?' Well, will tell you. Am Dr Shinula. Pronounced, Shy-noo-la. Also am zebra, not pony, is difference. Also not crazy. Not imporant.

What is important, is Shinula's Pharmacy. Opened while back, but few in-town customers. All these potions and no where to go. So, think to self, advertise. But how? Posters! So, recy- nevermind, side tracked again. Talk about Pharmacy. Yes.