August 2011

The results are in!

Around town several fliers of unknown origin can be found, announcing the results of the "Ponyville's Most _______" contest. The results can be seen below.


The results are in, folks! We asked YOU who you think deserves to win each category, and you told us! It was a close race in many aspects, but here are the results!

Miss Applejack seemed to be particularly popular this year. Somepony nominated her for every one of the categories!


Incandescence's Opinions Return

{Incandescence taptaps the Mic, dialing in to one of the public radio frequencies and taking a deep breath, putting on her boy voice. Time to entertain.}


Bang! Good morning Equestria, it is another beauuutiful day. The sun is shining thanks to the all powerful being, that glorious inglorious leader that lords over us and makes sure that we do not stray from our accetpable paths in life. You all know who I mean... Anyway! On with the show!


Today's Episode: Luna, The School for gifted Unicorns, The Winter Wrap Up, Canterlot, and The Edge of the Universe.

Busy.. and well inactive...........

I've been a little inactive here.. and Also busy with school...


Also, I'm making a "Little Big Project" Drawing of the Regal Princesses... A little more difficult than my usual drawings...

I've been Trying to finish it faster but.. I couldn't.. I tried to be faster but... It made me lose the .PSD file of it.. so now, I'm back from scratch...

I'll try my best to be more active here! I haven't even watched anypony here.. so yeah..xD

Ebacolts Dreamscape -Location for Dream Wing drinkers under it's full influence.

Ebacolt silently grins, surrounded in a blue white light as he stares at the ponies who have found their way into him.  He slowly spins his top hat which changes into a giant tent.  He moves into the entrance silently as he looks back, "Turn back now before things get worse.  Turn back now before you find a dream you do not like." he grins slowly.

In season 2, which one eps character is most likely to get a return?

52% (27 votes)
4% (2 votes)
12% (6 votes)
8% (4 votes)
Sea Serpent
2% (1 vote)
DJ Pon3
15% (8 votes)
2% (1 vote)
Prince Blueblood
2% (1 vote)
Other (see comment)
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 52

52nd and Mane Is Open for Business!


Thank you everypony for your time and patience. And a special thanks goes to all the ponies who had lend of hoof to the repairs and the clean up effort during this week. Starting today (8/26/2011) 52nd and Mane is hereby reopened to the public. So to celebrate our reopening all drinks and selected dinner specials are at half price! Also we have some special new features for the restaurant after taking some suggestions from our patrons


Marelantis Expedition is looking for a team

The city of Marelantis was recorded as having been lost in a storm though while many believe it is an old pony tale, there are some rare relics that have appeared from time to time that seem to point to it having been a real place. The Marelanteans were rumored to be a city of powerful unicorns who discovered a way to enchant stones with a spell that enabled the stone to augment the magic of the holder. Different types of minerals were used for this purpose (as long as they were pure specimens) not just rubies but for simplicity, they are all referred to as Marelantean Rubies. Shadow Orchid has no reference for which stone resonates with which magic power. She seeks a Marelantean Ruby made of diamond because she believes that because carbon is the building block of life, the diamond will resonate with growth magic. We will seek Marelantis its self most likely. The map only reveals where the Marelantean Ruby she desires can be found.

A New Equestrian Map

"This?" Sandy said, scrunching her nose and looking at the old, out-dated parchment that was the Equestrian Map that hung in the Mayor's Office. "They can't be serious, can they? This old thing's completely out-dated, out of proportion and basic beyond belief. I can't believe anypony would qualify this thing as a passable map! Hang on... I'm fairly certain I have something around here somewhere..."


As you may have gathered, I have not been as active as I was in June, July, and August. This is due to school starting. For those wondering, I will be on in the mornings up until 07:40 server time, and in the evenings from 16:00-21:30 during weekdays, so should any new story arcs pop up, I will have to take a background role. Weekends, meaning Saturday and Sunday, I will be on pretty much the entire day, hence why the wedding falls on a Sunday. Thank you all for understanding.

Closed until further notice

The interior to 52nd and Mane had been damaged several earlier this morning. Any and all information as to what happened will be most helpful. Please inform the local guard. To the patrons of my beloved resturant and to the community as a whole don't fret. Business will continue, the sodas will still be delievered and all employees will until further notice be compensated for missed hours of work. A clean up effort will go underway starting tomorrow, all ponies are welcomed to join me. Thank you for your time and patronage.

Sincerly yours



Should there be more poll?

100% (28 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 28

Flutter Pony

Flutter ponies are a race of ponies found only in a small pocket of the Everfree Forest known as Flutter Valley. They have an extremly isolationist culture and do not regularly either visit the outside world or permit the outside world to visit them (with a few exceptions). For this reason they are relatively rare to find throughout Equestria.


Flutter Valley

Note: This is not a canon G4 location. It is however strongly based on G1 canon.


Owner: Ixia
Location: Somewhere inside the Everfree forest, possibly in the southeast?
Room: Other room


Description: Flutter Valley is the sole home of the Flutter Pony, a race of small, fairy like ponies with insectoid wings. It is a very isolated place, and it's residents like it that way.

Canon Character list



List of Canon character who have a player in our chat. Forum currently do not use the same canon character policy unless the forum roleplay are planning on crossing over into Chat. All Manecast, Princesses, and Major Canon character that appears in the show must follow our Canon character policy in the rule.


Currently, there are no known politic system. We know Celestia is the ruler of Equestria, but even that is debatable as Celestia never once made any decision beside assigning Twilight Sparkle to live in Ponyville Library, and requests Rainbow Dash and Applejack to finish helping the leave fall.

Mayor in general seem to be the authortic figure in Ponyville. She is seem giving speeches, most are short. 

In our roleplay, Mayor Mare is responsbilte for all regulation and approval at a Town level. 


In Equestria. Exchange of goods and service uses something called Bits as the medium. 

It is understood that there are also such thing as credit, it is entirely possible that in major city there are such a thing as credit card or tender. There might also be taps. Depends on how familiar you are to other characters, they might allow you to pay back later or even borrows.

Land use

Currently Mayor takes care of all use of land. 

If your character need housing, simply ask around in character. or ask Mayor for advice. Send her a pub is perfectly acceptable.

If you wish to start a business, or any other location to roleplay in, simply follow the Original Location Submission guideline

Hello everyone on FillyDelphia!

I shall upload selected works of my MLP art on this page! I'm being very picky on what I want to upload so stay tuned!

School is starting soon!

School is coming soon! The loose schedule is being announced and interview for teacher of all subjects are seem here

Twilight Sparkle have volunteered to help originazes Cheerilee to organizes this year of school. 

(( ooc: If you have any IC question about the school schedule or wanting to be a teacher, please send a pub message to Twilight Sparkle for information. For brain storming, suggestion, other stuff, check the forum discussion here ))




Schoolhouse as seen in S01E12,Call of the Cutie.

This is the basic schedule for the 2013-2014 School Year, starting on Monday, August 19th.
The end date has not been determined for this year.

Roleplay details



Here you will find all the details we have so far about roleplay

For instruction on the chat, go to chat roleplay

Picture Disclaimer

Hey everypony this is just my little picture disclamer so everyone knows what is going on.

I release all my photos under a creative commons share alike license. You are more then welcome to use them as long as you give credit to me as the photographer, do not make a profit off of my pictures, and release your work under the same license with similar rules. Also I do not own any of the characters nor am I in any of the pictures. If one af the cosplayers wishes you to remove there picture from a project please do so.


So I normally get stuck as the photographer, which I don't mind, at different events my friends and I atend. So I was thinking of putting together a Photo Finish cosplay that I could wear while taking pictures just because it would be a lot of fun. I could use some help as I've never een realy good and putting these types of things together and only really know where to get the wig from right now.

Woot, I have a personal blog on the site!

(( Bah! don't hit tab to autocomplete character names in these blog posts.  Sad ))

Joe (me): I am working for ZAGG as a web programmer (  I am also auditioning for a seasonal night job as an actor for a haunted house (

A Note For Foals

A series of small notes can be found scattered in seemingly hidden places around Ponyville. Written on sheets of pale blue in shaky, childish, but articulate script is a question aimed at the younger members of the town, being placed carefully in places adult ponies rarely venture (on the underside of a schoolhouse stair; in the pages of picture books in Twilight's Library; a hoofful of these small letters sealed in paffrin wax can be found scattered around the downtown area):

Summer Campout

Event Data: 
Tue, 2011-08-09 15:00 - Wed, 2011-08-10 15:00

Summer Campout!

Hey Everypony, it's summer and that means we've missed one thing this year. A campout! That means we need to get our flanks in gear to have plenty of fun! 


New front page

Umm.... That is pretty much it. Let me know if you like it or whatever other suggestions you might have! 

A Wedding is Coming!

Several posters bearing a picture of Orion and Raven dancing with some text below can be seen around town square. The text reads as follows:

Dear citizens of Ponyville:

You have been invited to the wedding of Orion Brownmane and Raven Shadow! The wedding is to be held on the 27th of August, at 4 pm. ((17:00 server time, 16:00 Central)) The ceremony itself will occurr in the Town hall. Attendance is not mandatory, come only if possible or convienent. Wedding gifts are not required, but are appreciated. See you there!

With love,

Orion and Raven