October 2011

Nightmare Night Contest details

Contest details as follow:
  1. Character must be in actual roleplay in the chat or forum, with their actual costume in the next four days between October 30 and November 2 2011
  2. costume can be in the form of text description, drawing, and / or whatever method that will shows other roleplayer what the costume look like
  3. You are encouraged to go around showing off your design ahead of time or after within those 4 days
  4. Costume entering the contest must be posted in this thread, with the character name, description / drawing /etc, optionally a small roleplay exchange to help me check better. 
  5. Top 10 character costumes (picked by me and Oni) goes into a front page poll for a week, more then one character can go onto the poll, but only one prize per person!
  6. Must be PG and suitable for younger audience viewing
  7. Entry dead line is November 3 2011. 
Prize: Link or Link
Top 3 prize = assorted my little pony goodies or one t-shirt from welovefine valued up to $25 + shipping

Masquerade Ball & Mask Hunt!


Nightmare Night is almost here! And to help us celebrate we have specially commissioned from Scarlet and Pinkie Pie for their downtown co-hosting Masquerade Ball in the town hall are four special Vencian style masks hidden away through out the town. Each mask is that of one of four special special beings of Equestrian history and yours to keep if you find them. The masks in question are special and high quality, made by a master craftspony from Canterlot, they are depictions of Celestia, Luna, Discord and the lady of honor herself Nightmare Moon. If you find them not only can you be the pride of the ball wearing them, each pony wearing one of these special masks will earn prizes!

North Star Loans is opening soon

A smaller building in the Hub was purchased and minimally renovated.  A sign out front says 'North Star Loans (Opening Soon).

Inside the front door is a small unfurnished waiting room.  Near the back is a pair of offices, one for private consultations, the other for files and accounting.  The room is cold, however, as the owner is a bit stingy with the coal.

Currently, the accountant desk is vacant.  Perhaps some poor pony needs a bit of low but stable income?


North Star Loans

A completely unremarkable small edifice with a sign out front advertising loans located in the higher income areas of the Residential Area of Ponyville near the Carousel Boutique.  The windows and brown shutters are in good repair and the yellow hay roof as well is mostly leak-free.


The Haunted Glade has appeared

glade far enough North of Ponyville to be out of range of all magical detection.  As you enter you will notice the topography is that of a large bowl with a raised dome in the center.  At the bottom of the round trough created runs a small brook.  Most of the rim of the bowl is smooth but in the Northwest area, it becomes sharp and actually overhangs inside a bit creating an alcove, and on the Northeast, it breaks to allow the stream to exit. 

So Here I Am

A lot of you are probably wondering.. (OK, maybe one or two of you at most) why I've disappeared from chat this week even though I am still obviously around.

The Haunted Glade

Owner: Shadow Orchid
Location:  North of Ponyville
Room: The Wilds 

Theft in Flutter Valley

Last night one or more unidentified ponies broke into Flutter Valley, the haven of the Flutter Ponies hidden deep within the Everfree Forest, and stole the magical Sunstone that keeps their valley liveable. The flutter ponies are getting desperate, and are beginning to appear in Ponyville in large numbers in search of help.

The identity and motives of the theif are still unknown. All that is known is that she was rather... zany.

Prepare for Nightmare Night!

Event Data: 
Mon, 2011-10-31 00:15 - 23:45

Location: Town wide, but Party will be in Town square

Time: Monday, October 31, 2011

Purpose: To have fun!


Detail: Ponyville will be having a hoilday event! "Nightmare Night"! We will be having a costume contest and decoration contest. Prize is to be determined! 

Community team is now hiring!

Community Team is now up for hiring!


A few things have been changed since the discussion here. Mainly, name have been simplified to simply Community Team. Currently, it have four departments: Weather Team, Medical team, Respond team, and Maintenance team.


To get an interview, simply talks to the pony to report to!


Discuss more here.






For Ponyville, we currently use this map:

Referened from here by Aurebesh


In the chat, we currently have ponyville divided in 4 rooms:

Celebrity Sighting!

Rumor has it that none other than Photo Finish has been seen in Ponyville!


These rumors allege that she was seen with her entourage in Town Square and in a private booth at 52nd and Mane Restaurant. Whether that is true or not, members of her entourage, clad in glitzy high-fashion attire and looking fabulous, have indeed been seen around town. They appear to be looking for someone or something, but so far they have avoided contact with the citizens of Ponyville.


Why are they here? Who or what are they looking for? Nopony knows!

Boxing match in Ponyville?

79% (49 votes)
21% (13 votes)
Total votes: 62