January 2012

More Tips for the Adventurer in You!

Hey there, Everypony. Sandy Rivers here, professional map-maker and owner of Rivers Cartography, to tell you what you need to know to survive in that crazy, mixed-up world we live in!


We're well into the winter months now and I'm sure you've made sure to stay warm and cozy for the season. After all, you wouldn't want to be out there during this time of year. Snow cover can turn an easy walk into a treacherous hike, make a clear path impassable and transform a lake into a deadly trap! Uncharted territory is the last place you want to be when there's snow and ice. Of course, I'm sure all you smart adventurers know that already and have hunkered down until the spring thaw but lets face it, staying cooped up is the last place a wandering pony like yourself wants to be so here's a few hints and tips to stave off cabin fever!

A Very Special Collection of Beatles Songs

As some of you may have guessed, Orion (and me,  his player) are big Beatles fans. I've compiled a 16-track collection of their songs that either serve as a soundtrack to his and Raven's relationship, or could be sung by Orion about or to Raven. They are:


1. I've Just Seen A Face (Help!): Shortly after their first meeting.


2. It Won't Be Long (With The Beatles): Sung in chat after he received a letter from her explaining when she'll be home from vacation.


The Shadow Home

This is where Orion, Raven, Melody, and their various housemates all live. (See Orion's profile for who exactly lives there.) The house is an exact replica of the Brownmane family home in Trottingham.

Physical Appearance (Exterior):

Gravenstein Manor

A strange structure has reappeared on the edge of the Everfree Forest in the Wilds, not far from the Froggy Bottom Bog!


Unknown to all but the most knowledgeable ponies, the house has always been there. It was built long ago by a wealthy family drawn to the area by the prosperity of the little town of Ponyville. The family lived there for generations, and became quite wealthy. A few decades ago they moved to Canterlot and left their old homestead mansion abandoned. It was reclaimed by the Everfree Forest and vanished from the memories of all but the oldest town residents.

Clover Hills Apiary

The Clover Hills Apiary will soon be re-opening! Once Winter Wrap-Up is... well... wrapped up, the Honey Family will be hard at work seeding the fields, setting up the hive boxes, cleaning the production barn, and bringing the swarms back to town! Once production is back into full swing, the Honey Family will open their new store, located on-site in the big beehive-shaped building. Come on by and enjoy some free samples! We sell honey, honey sticks, honey sweets, honey buns, and bees' wax. Of course, no listing of our inventory would be complete without mentioning our baklava, the specialty of our very own Honeybun. We'll also re-open our cart stand in the Ponyville market for everypony's convenience.


The Clover Hills south of Ponyville will once again be open for picnics, grazing, star-gazing, and parties. All we ask is that you respect the bees and don't eat or damage too much of the clover. They need those clover flowers to produce the best honey this size of Canterlot!

Clover Hills Apiary

Location: The rolling hills and farmlands south of Ponyville
Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields
Residents and/or Employees: Honeybun, Grape Jelly


The Clover Hills Apiary is a small-time beekeeping and honey-producing operation. Operated by the Honey Family, Clover Hills provides honey, honey products, beeswax for candles and scroll seals, and pollination services for the many farms and orchards in the Ponyville area.



I was new to Ponyville, and I was rather confused about where I was, who everyone else was, and what I was supposed to do. I eventually got my bearings and learned a couple of names and faces around town. I guess I often view myself as an outsider still, because it seems that everybody else is more acquainted with the town than me. My purpose in Ponyville is to find something exciting to do, because if there's one thing I hate, it's having nothing to do. Of course, there IS more than one thing I hate, but if I told you all of the things I disliked, I'd never finish my story...

The return of the Cyber Pony

For the residents of a rather out of place, modernist house with attached cloud loft in the residential district, surprise may be in store when the receive a letter addressed to them. For the past six months or so the house has been rented out from the landlords, a C. Hooves and V. Star, who have been absent from Ponyville since the beginnings of the terms of rent. The letter addressed to the residents reads thusly:

20% cooler? Why not!

 Just a small community I happened to stumble on. I think that if other bronies win, so do we, so feel free to check them out and say you were sent by way of Filly. Delphia that is. 



Time Family Time Works Ponyville Branch

Several posters adorn Ponyville, upon closer inspection they read:

"Greetings ponies of Ponyville! We at Time Family Time Works of Hoofington are pleased to announce that we are now opening a store in Ponyville, headed by our own Jacklyn Time. We specialize in the finest timepieces in Equestria, quality guaranteed, you will not find timepieces! In addition to our own in house models, we specialize in custom orders and delivery right to your front doorstep, and if it arrives damaged we will give you your money back as well as repair it free of harge! So please, feel free to pay us a visit upon our grand opening!"

Time Family Time Works

Owner/Manager: Jacklyn</a> Time


Location: In The Library area.


Room: Twilights Library Surroundings


The Ponyville branch of the famous Time Family Time Works shop, it is a store specializing in the making of, repairing, and delivering clocks to its patrons. In addition to the selling of clocks displayed inside, it also handles custom orders and deliveries.


Exterior Description

Gravenstein Manor

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: The Countess Drucilla Carmilla Von Gravenstein

Residents: The Countess, Cousin Thatt, Lupus Gravenstein, Sway, Uncle Canker

Location: On the border of the Everfree Forest, a short walk from the Froggy Bottom Bog

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields


Shout-out to fillydelphiaradio.net !

This is a shout-out to Fillydelphia Radio for asking for some promotiont! He said he wanted a link, but I think we will just do a little better then just a link, cause that is what we usually do. 

Anyway... this is from them!   Fillydelphia Radio (Not connected in any way to your blog of the same name), a pony-based internet radio stream created in early December, 2011.

Say hi to Judd West and their DJ for us! 

Nightmare Night Costume contest

See full detail here! Go Voting Here!

Jester Crystal Shard Inkwell Sleepy Mix
file.php?id=92 Image Image Image
Entry Entry Entry Entry


Baby Boo Greasehoof Marl
Image Image Image
Entry Entry Entry

Voting rule: One vote per player! Active player only! I will discards vote from account that are not active. Login at least once a week or so in the chat and have actual roleplay done! Vote will goes for 2 weeks in case someone might be on vactions or something.


Top 3 prize = assorted my little pony goodies or one t-shirt from welovefine valued up to $25 + shipping  Link or Link
Judging will be base on humorous, pretty, creative, spooky, etc. It is really not meant to be a serious competition and more just for fun.

Thanks again for joining, and sorry for the delay, have fun and good luck!

Nightmare Night Costume contest

15% (7 votes)
Crystal Shard
24% (11 votes)
24% (11 votes)
Sleepy Mix
9% (4 votes)
Baby Boo
13% (6 votes)
4% (2 votes)
11% (5 votes)
Total votes: 46

Armwing & Apple!

Event Data: 
Tue, 2012-01-17 20:00 - 23:15

Howdy ya'all!

Come on down to the Apple Barn This Tuesday at 20:00(Server) for the Weddin of Crescendo Kite and Apple Bumpkin!

This aint gonna be a traditional Weddin with suits and dresses but if you want to to show up in formal attire, ya'all feel free!

So come on over and enjoy the food, dancin and fun cuz this is going to be good ol fashioned hoedown with a hitchin mixed in! The best presents is your presence!

itanium_Trance pon code





Kyubi's surprise birthday party!

Event Data: 
Thu, 2012-01-12 17:00 - 20:00


Ponies will find invitations at their doors, in their mail boxes or slid under their doors that read this when they're opend.


"You are invited to Kyubi Hart's surpries birthday party at 52nd and Mane at 17:00:00 (chat time) on the 12th of January. You are more then welcome to bring a friend or two or three the more the merrier. All that is asked is that you not talk about the party out loud or to a pink pegasus wearing a gold necklace with a gemstone in the center that is likely to hug or glomp you on sight because its her surpries party. The party is casual and it is your choise whether you come or not."

                       Ryu Sword


Letters from Sable Night, The Backlog

A bundle of papers have arrived on the town notice board, this time, there are many, all of different handwriting, but all carrying the same seal. It seems there was a problem in the letter chain and they all ended up being delivered at the same time. There are several, if not many, though it appears some may have been lost in transit. However, somepony has gone through the trouble to put them in proper order using their post date. How thoughtful.


An Occasion to Celebrate!

Event Data: 
Sun, 2012-01-01 18:00 - 22:00

Invitations have been sent to pretty much everypony in Ponyville.  Stacks were available on the counters of Mane and 52nd as well.  The grand wedding between Lord Joseph Regulus and Milagra Lilac Regulus (Shadow Orchid) is to take place in the HUB this very day January 1st! 

Hundreds of ponies are coming from Canterlot to attend.  The ceremony will begin at 18:00 with a reception following to be held at Mane and 52nd at 18:40.  Please come and give your congratulations to the happy couple and do not feel obligated to bring gifts!  I daresay, their home has enough clutter as it is.