May 2012

Rules Updated Updated. That is all.

It Was 45 Years Ago Today...

Event Data: 
Fri, 2012-06-01 16:00 - 17:00

Posters have been hung up all over the town square, showing a picture of three ponies and a griffon, all standing on their hindlegs and wearing multicolored military uniforms and holding instruments. Orion, standing on the far left, is wearing a yellow-green uniform and is holding a French horn in his forelegs. Next to him is Agile Flourish, who is in pink and holds a trumpet in her hooves. Next to her is Shadow Feather, in blue, holding a clarinet in his talons. On the far right, in orange, is Arcane Scholar, holding a flute. In front of them is a bass drum, with the words SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND written on it in large letters. There is also descriptive text below the picture, which reads as follows:

Homeless Man Turns To Zombie

"""im a sophomore at Lakota East, and my friends were all telling me about this at school this morning. thing is....if you read it-burning fever on the inside of his body, growling at the confronting people, and worst of all, being blatantly strong enough to subdue another grown man and consume his flesh from hi face-while he was still alive. Also theres the fact that he was shot several times before he died. Um, he's a hobo turned zombie. Make you wonder how many cases like this have happened-and been covered up by other people? Yes? Good.

Is this poll silly?

71% (63 votes)
29% (26 votes)
Total votes: 89

Stylish Stitches Re-Opening!

Bright blue posters with dark purple text can be seen posted all around Ponyville. There is a small blue business card stapled to the bottom right hand corner and a coupon that can be cut out on the bottom left corner for 25% off any purchase at the store. (With the exception of re-opening day, where you automatically get 50% off any purchase.)

Possible Major Event on the May 26th, Saturday, at 15:00 Server time

Sound reasonable
78% (31 votes)
Terrible time
13% (5 votes)
Other, see comment
10% (4 votes)
Total votes: 40


Neon pink fliers have been dropped all around town in the night, on every doorstep and in every mailbox!

Stapled to them are business cards and a coupon slip.

Spring Fling

Event Data: 
Sat, 2012-05-19 20:00 - 23:00

It's that time again!  Tek Croon has been once again invited to make arrangements for a ball to take place in honor of the spring.  The date will be the 19th of May.  All ponies of age are invited to attend.  Unmarried ponies in particular.  This event will be stag!  This means don't worry about finding a date, just show up!  Formal attire is appropriate but we'll take you ho

A sad note

A tear stained note in pink ink can be found pinned to the billboard that reads as followed:

"Hi everyone. I'm sorry I couldn't fly to each of you and hug you and tell you in pony this but Ryu, Kyuu and I are leaving Ponyville for a while and I don't know when we'll be back. I'm sorry and please don't let this upset you because we will be back at some point. I love all of you and I'll see you later.

 ♥ Love Kyubi. ♥

(( OOC note: This is strictly IC, Player is not leaving ))

InSpire Arts Emporium: Now Open for Business!!

Welcome! to InSpire Arts Emporium- your one stop shop for all things artwork!

Location: Just outside the Everfree Forest

Room: The Wilds

Owners: Spire Whitewing (propeteir) and Dawnswirl (co owner)

Hours: 11am- 4pm or whenever owners are present in shop


InSpire Arts Emporium

Welcome! to InSpire Arts Emporium- your one stop shop for all things artwork!

Location: Just outside the Everfree Forest

Room: The Wilds

Owners: Spire Whitewing (propeteir) and Dawnswirl (co owner)

Hours: 11am- 4pm or whenever owners are present in shop


Welcome to the Emporium!


The New 52nd and Mane

Its been over a month but thanks in part Showtime and his crew members including many of the staff of the 52nd and Mane we are back in business! Come tonight! Our doors are opened once again at 11:00 AM and we will stay open until 2:00 AM. You will see through the week that we made some delightful changes to the restaurant and our menu. The following are the highlights...


Mysterious Flier


Strange Fliers have been distributed all over town, on purple paper. They read as follows:

"niddly everly verily is great soon all will rise ever very energetic to another happy time giving night interesting radishes tally no enormous money eggs grease alloy go nettle eggs table salt ender books eleven heroes to fly over everypony not owning terrible stars luna understands for it takes understanding and eats beans total sour overmind melting existence hover telescope render ender dairy nicker extra violet always layers over terrible tomatoes for ill graters years mirror exuent brother lavish lake inferno wall nopony over opening mask eschew hat tie. "


"Weekly Pony" #3

In this issue, you'll find:

Daring Do's confession!

Are changelings around us?

52nd and Mane is back in business.

Interview with Jester, a suspect.

News from the hat

Music News and Reward Offered...

Event Data: 
Fri, 2012-05-18 21:00 - 22:15


The local Ponyville newspaper has an article in the Music "What's Hot" section:

"Residents of Ponyville! There is a new smokin' rock and roll fusion band from Appaloosa, The Desperados. Only a train ride away! Come see the newest hit to the rock and roll scene. This blend of contemporary rock and roll with old school country and folk has been a real hit out West, and this group is definitely going to be going on a continental tour at this rate. The band has gone through some members but recently settled on some new talent, including veteran slide guitar player "Pokey Pony Paul" and a killer drummer who calls himself "The Ghost Fighter". There are rumors of a Ponyville appearance but nothing has yet been confirmed. The Desperados' next show is in Appaloosa at the only salt bar in town on Friday, May 18th at 9:00 PM. Tickets are selling like water on a hot day, so buy today!"  Below the advertsiement was a photo of the band, with a short drummer that looked a lot like Rhythm.


Compendium Ink is Now Open

Are you the kind of pony who is always running out of ink? Then Compendium Ink is the shop for you!

I have all kinds of inks for any and all of your writing endeavors!

Want a certain color to write in? Pick your shade! Or ask for a cutsom color if you don't see it on the shelf.

Compendium Ink

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon
Owner: Claudio Compendium
Residents and/or Employees: Claudio Compendium
Location: Down the street from Twilight's Library
Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings

Canon Character Policy Update #3 among other things

For a while we wanted to try and see how character sharing would work for the sake of getting characters used more often, but if anything it has proven detrimental. A lack of communication between CC players and a feeling of not really having a real grip on a character that's shared as well as seeing which characters were un-shared vs. those that were, has led us to conclude that sharing CC's is not going to be in the best interest of anypony. Folks that have them don't feel like playing them, and the community is often without them, which is something that needs to be changed for the better. From now on there will be only 1 player for canon characters that are mane cast. They can still have back up player, but only if the canon character wants backup.