September 2012

A Splendifours Wedding!

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Sat, 2012-09-29 12:00 - 16:00


Muddles and KindShadow are finally celebrating their union. Everyone is invited, as we feel that all of Ponyville is part of our family. We hope to see many of you there, but come early if you want good seats! Shadow family members from all over Equestria will attending in full force. Remember, this is Muddles' wedding... so there will be cake. Lots and lots of cake. Of course, there will be a giant wedding cake, and for dinner you have choice of cake or cake, circle one. After the ceremony, be sure to stay for the dancing, great food, and merry making!

Saturday Sept 29th at Noon EST time in the Other room

Postponed Until Further Notice.

Chapter 1: This is going to be one LONG chapter

         And so begins the first chapter of this eccentric stallion... Ok... There I go again talking in third pony. I really have to stop doing that. Well at least nopony else is around, thinking I'm crazy. ~the stallion with a double coat, one a red jacket and the other his fur a hue the color of dirt and dust, trotted slowly with his giant crimson wagon which held his most prized possessions: a plethora of many different kinds of knick-knacks, paddy-whacks, and even, if one would look hard enough, some tic-tacs.

Local Fire Reveals Shocking Truths

** The front page of everypony's newspaper is plastered with that bold headline and there is a picture from the outside of a home looking in at a wall that has been completely smashed out. All the walls have been burned and singed and inside there are stacks of stuffed animals, precious metals and jewels, burned pictures and singed documents all covered in extinguisher foam. The floor appears to be covered in a puddle of once-molten silver. **

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