October 2012

Nightmare Night!

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Mon, 2012-10-29 00:15 - Sun, 2012-11-04 00:15

"Nightmare Night! What a fright! Give us something sweet to bite!"

Guess it wasn't canceled after all! Nightmare Night (Week) will be starting on monday 29th with our final events at the November 3rd and 4th weekend! 

So pony can start playing whatever starting monday, with arranged events like performance and such focused on Sunday! 


Sunday Event schedule:

20:00 Iona

Sweetly Dreaming: A Short Event

There has been a rustling in the Everfree for a long time now...

A child has been stalked....

A family has been torn apart...

The appearances of strangers, quiet and unassuming, has slipped under all levels of perception...

The moon sets on this tale, with only a few to keep watch... How can a tale like this end?

-- ---

October 25-28, in The Wilds.

Varien's Birthday Party!

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Sun, 2012-10-28 18:00 - 20:00


Varien Quill's Birthday Party

Place: The Press Club & Bar

Date: 28th October
Start at: 6 PM ((server time))

Gifts aren't necesarry. Everypony are actually invited. See you there!

The Most Spooky Wedding of All!

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Tue, 2012-10-30 20:00 - 22:45

~ Heart ~

Wedding invitations can be found attatched to streetlamps, on benches and everywhere in the Hub*.

Moon_StarWildBlueKyubi_Hart, and Needlestitch (Also Motion Picture, if you're there) Should talk to Rainbow!


"You are invited to attend the spook-tastic wedding of 




On Tuesday, October 30th, at 20:00.

Please come with formal attire and an empty stomach!"

Lovely Sonata's Home~

Surrounding Area Lovely owns a good bit of land at the side of the lake in the SSA. The land is gorgeous and you can look out of any of her windows or even just sit on the porch and take in a lovely view~

The Press - Grand Opening

The Press - Grand Opening and Announcement.

The Press

The Grand Opening will take place on Saturday the 20th of October, 8pm (servertime).
This flier can be found on the major news spots in the HUB and the Residential District -


The Press Bar & Club




Owners and Managers: Duo, Yuri*, Billie*