November 2012

The Press invites you to a Magic Show!

Event Data: 
Fri, 2012-11-30 18:00 - 22:00


When: Friday at 6 PM

Where: The Press Bar & Club in The Library District

Since Wednesday, flyers have been appearing all over town and as far away as Canterlot advertising an event at The Press


This Friday at 6 PM, Ponyville's own Raven Shadow will be performing a magic show at The Press. Bring your friends and family! VIPs get half price drinks and seats by the stage! You don't want to miss what's sure to be an unbeatable show!


Click image for flyer! 

Setting up shop

It's been a long time coming I think it might be time to settle down.  I found this decently sized old crab apple tree just outside ponyville, technically it's in sweet apple acres, but I doubt any pony will mind.  I plan on turning it into a little shop where I can sell and trade some of the things I've acquired over the years, not to mention give my hooves a bit of a rest.  I really like it here in ponyville and hopefully the ponies here will like what I have to sell.

Tackle Task's Travel Treasures

Tackle Task's Travel Treasures

Or as it used to be known "That ol' crab apple tree."  Just on the edge of Sweet Apple Acres stood a large old crab apple tree, that for obvious reasons never got all that much attention from the apple family.  As no pony seemed to mind when renovations began occuring.  The inner trunk hollowed out provided a single spacious room on the ground floor, with only one window beside the door letting light in.  Inside was a single countertop dividing the room at top it was a battered money box, and behind were bags and boxs of assorted sizes and states of being u

Happy Harvest Pot Luck!

The holiday season is about to begin and we here at the 52nd and Mane would like to invite you to a one of a kind event. The Havest Day Thanksgiving! We invite you and your familes to come over and to share and care alike. Bring your favorite dishes and enjoy our tasty treats and beverages. There will be music, dancing, singing and of course what party at the 52nd and Mane wouldn't be complete with out our Kareokee? The more the merrier! All recipies that are contributed from this year will be collected and then given out to others free of charge! So from our families to yours, we wish you a Happy Harvest!

- Staff of 52nd and Mane

  • When? Thursday November 22 - Sun 25 
  • Where? 52nd And Mane in the Hub
  • What? IC feel free to bring in any item of food you like to share that you enjoy! Be sure to write out the recipie for it and post it up below as a reply. I'll be shareing a few of my favorite holiday recipies as well to get us started.

The Reopening of Goldgear co.

We here at goldgear invent helpful things and more for the common pony. Every thing we make is affordable, so don't worry about price. If you need it we can invent it, bits back guaranteed. (that is if we accept the idea to invent it.) Gearheart_goldmane, the owner, can make metal sculptures of any thing you would like as long as you provide a picture of what you want to be sculpted 

Inventors, Engineers, testers! Goldgear still needs your help. we can't invent things alone we need all the tech support we can handle. Inventions don't invent them self's or test them self's we also need testers for testing our inventions. (All testers need to sign a waver before testing any thing) Please go to Gearheart_goldmane for more info.


Accountant - (somepony to file and take calls) 30 bits 

Inventor - (depends on what he makes.) ranges from 50 to 100 bits

Engineer - (depends on if and how he fixes or improves a invention.) ranges from 40 to 100 bits

Tester- (depends on how dangerous the invention.) ranges from 20 (simple safe inventions) to 140 bits (super dangerous invention)

Goldgear co.

Goldgear co. is a company that invents things for the common pony (or pegisi, and unicorn) to use from cake makers to artifical wings. with the head of operations gearheart_goldmane looking for workers and or inovators its hard for him to make these inventions on the go.

Owner: Gearheart_Goldmane

opening:hopefuly friday, the building is done (Thanks to MacabreHaze for building the building, KickPulse for helping dig the basement hole,) still needs some furnishings and decor (maily for the meeting room)


     So in case you like to ask questions on Tumblr, I have created an ASK ALEK series! In case you dont know, Alek is my OOC character. Head over and ask her at Alek-The-Faygo-Monster on  Tumblr! I have an ask Pyramid Head too, if you're interested!

Season 3 Continuity Merge!

Hey yall! From this point forward the events in the Season 3 opener are now canon and the site is no longer spoiler free regarding the first two episodes and all the events that have transpired have happened in the Fillyverse. This signals a return to our 'one day' continuity merges and the OOC room being the only spoiler area the day of each new episode's premiere. Any questions can be directed towards the Moderator team in chat, through PUBs or even in the section below, have fun and keep cool ponies!

And yes, you can make a crystal pony, just please do keep in mind they are only Earth ponies that do not retain their sparkliness when they leave the Crystal Kingom and the only noticable difference is the gem eyes.  Do be sensible about it!

A second birthday party for a blue mare

Event Data: 
Thu, 2012-11-15 17:00 - 23:00

Ponies everywhere in Ponyville would have found a letter in either their mailboxes, in front of their doorsteps, and even on their window cills if their windows were left open. The contents of this letter read as follows:

"You have been invited to the annual event of Moon Star's Birthday Celebration on the 15th of this good month of November. Haven't met the mare? Now is your chance! There is no theme to this party, but feel free to dress up as you'd like. There will be food, games, music, and cake! No gifts are required, but they are appreciated."

What's this? Another Stylish Stitches ad?

As of late, there have been less and less ponies visiting Rainbow's store. Could it be that ponies just aren't into clothes anymore? Or, perhaps they're just content with one pair of clothes. Either way, Rainbow's shop is going to go out of business soon if this continues! So, of course, It would only seem logical to place ads ALL over the hub. Sooo... Voila! Here they are~