December 2012

Ponyville's Hygiene Clinic


Note: This is a fan made location. Not Cannon


Owner: Shimmermaw


Employees: Shimmermaw


Location: Near the School in the Library area.


Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings


Exterior Description: 

New Year's Party!

Event Data: 
Mon, 2012-12-31 16:00 - Tue, 2013-01-01 02:00

Reason: To say goodbye to the old year, and greet the new one!

Place: Town Hall


On December 31st, in Town Hall, there will be a party to let go of the old year, and to embrace the new one!  The doors will open around 16:00. There will be food, catered by the 52nd and Mane. The stage will be open to anyone who wants to do anything, but at 22:00, Chell will take the stage to give a live musical farewell to the old year.  She will vacate the stage by 23:00 for karaoke, and for the last 5-10 minutes of the year, there will be a countdown to the end of the year!


Ponies are welcome to stay after the new year has been rung in. Place your requests with Joe right now, if you have any foods you consider on a traditional level to be good luck in the new year!

Words to Pets

This is a pet help store, owned by Precious Words. It's to help care for previously owned pets, not to buy or sell any pets. Her special talent is speaking to animal's so, when brought to Words to Pets, they will be in good hooves.


Which of the Season 3 episodes is your favorite, so far?

The Crystal Empire (Parts 1 and 2)
14% (6 votes)
Too Many Pinkie Pies
14% (6 votes)
One Bad Apple
19% (8 votes)
Magic Duel
19% (8 votes)
Sleepless in Ponyville
19% (8 votes)
Wonderbolts Academy
16% (7 votes)
Total votes: 43

New here... ^^;;

It's a pleasure to meet you all!  Hope we get well acquianted soon! ^_^

Upcoming Birthday Party!

Ponies would wake up to find purple, white, yellow, pink, orange and blue balloons scattered all over Ponyville attached to the ballons is a colored envelope matching the balloon with an invite inside!


NOTE: This event has been moved to Monday, 17 December.


Who is best pony?

Twilight Sparkle
14% (22 votes)
Pinkie Pie
14% (22 votes)
13% (21 votes)
Rainbow Dash
17% (27 votes)
11% (18 votes)
18% (29 votes)
Somepony else (tell us in comments if you please)
13% (21 votes)
Total votes: 160