February 2013

Official Wonderbolts Academy Application for Entrance

Are you a flier?  How good are you?  Do you think you're good enough to join...


Winter Wrap Up is almost here, which means that the next round of cadets will soon be entering the
in a bid to become the next star of the skies and join the ponies in blue and yellow!

Do you think you have what it takes to become a Wonderbolt?
Do you have the enthusiasm?  The courage?  The sheer gastrointestinal fortitude?!

Well then, take an application below and fill it out for your chance at becoming one of the best fliers in Equestria!

(Please send all finished applications to Spitfire c/o The Wonderbolts, 1767 Cirrus Roost, Cloudsdale, EQU)

Not a pegasus?  No worries!
Positions in the Magus Corps are always available!  Visit the Student Office at Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns for details!

Lacking wings and cranial protrutions?
You don't need any of that to be the best you can be!
Visit your local chapter of the Equestrian Rangers today to find out how!

Skysketch Studios shutting its doors

The big building by SAA is on the market. Everything has been moved out and into other museums and galleries across Equestria, and some of the artists favorite pieces, brought home for safe keeping. Skysketch studios is now a vacant building, it has three stories, large windows, double glass doors and an outdoor padio. Potential buyers are already asking, so hurry on over if you're one of them.

In an interview with the previous owner, she stated that: "It was fun while it lasted, but it was costing more money than it was making. I'm not too sad though, I've got a bright future ahead, I'm already making plans, and when somepony else buys the building it will only help me get there!"


Flyers are spread throughout town, announcing a pony with no fear.

"WhipLash, the Fearless Flyer!"

"Will accept any challenge, and take any dare!"

A description of WhipLash is provided, in order to find her.

Who is best villian of these?

Nightmare moon
12% (18 votes)
39% (59 votes)
27% (40 votes)
King Sombra
7% (10 votes)
2% (3 votes)
Diamond Dogs
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Flim And Flam
3% (4 votes)
9% (13 votes)
2% (3 votes)
Total votes: 150

Hello Everypony!

Hello! This is Apple's player posting to say Hello to everypony! I am new here and am hoping to find a nice loving community! I will be posting stories when I can and will have an example sometime soon hopefully! So... yea, see ya in the chatrooms or possibly on the profiles? Laughing out loud


Light Player: Apple Jack
Dark Player: Gizmotechnic
This game of chess is in progress. Gizmotechnic is to move next.

It's freaking chess.


Light Player: Apple Jack
Dark Player: Gizmotechnic
This game of chess has ended. Gizmotechnic has won.

It's chess.


Light Player: Apple Jack
Dark Player: Gizmotechnic
This game of chess is in progress. Gizmotechnic is to move next.

It's chess.


Light Player: Apple Jack
Dark Player: --Derpy__Hooves--
This game of chess is in progress. Apple Jack is to move next.

It's chess.

The Press invites you to a Hearts and Hooves Day Event!


When: Doors open February 14th February 15th, 18:00 (Server Time)

Where: The Press Bar & Club in the Library District

Since Monday, the 4th, flyers have been appearing around Ponyville and even Canterlot promoting an event at The Press

On Hearts and Hooves Day, The Press will be having an event for Singles and Couples alike, including a raffle for both groups. 

For couples, your five bit table reservation will include a raffle ticket for a chance at a special Couples' Spa Trip! 

For singles, two ponies will win a very special romantic getaway to The Crystal Empire (the Kingdom of Love!)... together!

But hurry, couples, seats are limited! Make your reservation today!

An address for making reservations is on the flyer. (Send a PUB to Duo ! )