September 2013

Cotton's Candy Kingdom

Owner: CottonTwist
Residents and/or Employees: CottonTwist
Location: In the Hub
Room: The Hub
Exterior Design: The candyshop is a short pink building with white 'icing' on top. 'Cotton's Candy Kingdom' is spelled out in large magenta letters on the front. The windows are decorated with lavender curtains with gold sequins. Candy canes, gumdrops, and lollies are painted on the exterior walls.

Cotton's Candy Kingdom Grand Opening!

Come, fillies, to the Grand Opening of Cotton's Candy Kingdom! Grab all the candy you can find! Smile We welcome all ponies, young, old, or inbetween. Got your special day coming up? We do parties, too! Hiring!

Green Week 2013!

Event Data: 
Mon, 2013-09-16 17:45 - Mon, 2013-09-23 17:45

Green Week! The Ponyville Celebration of Mid Year

Starting on the 16th this month, and going to, and includes 23th, a yearly event is being held! The Green week waterfight! We all know it's getting a bit hot this year, even if it is a little late! The water will however, be enchanted with green dye that will remain, even when washed, for the duration of the event! At the end of the week, the most green pony will be the winner of a shiny green badge to put on their profile. Due to dye! If your coat is already green, it will turn yellow instead!

Weather Schedule for the Month of September!

Posted up on the bulletin board, there is a slightly crumpled, square piece of cardboard that has the days of the month written on it. At the top, the current month says it's September, with the listing of each day's weather beneath it.


there is also a flyer tacked onto the board, that reads:



Interested in becoming a weather pony? Well, now's your chance! Stop on by Town Hall and sign up for your chance to be a part of taking care of Ponyville's weather! Sign-ups are always happening, so feel free to stop by and pitch in!


(( Just PUB Rainbow Dash once you signed up to let her know! ))

School starts today!

Just so everypony knows, School starts today!