October 2013

This has been a long time coming.

 Many times when one is in a position of power they end up becoming over time, guilty of the sin of hubris. Acting in utter confidence of all actions regardless of how irresponsible or wrong they are. I am no exception to this. I've had a wonderful experience in acting as the head of this place for a long while, but all things, good, or bad, must come to an end. I am retiring as head administrator.


In preparation for Nightmare Night

Residents of Ponyville,

Preparations are complete and Town Square has been decorated for Nightmare Night! Please enjoy the decorations without climbing on them (Pinkie Pie). Stalls have also been moved into place in case you'd like to host or play games at them.

-Lady Rarity

Fillydelphia Terraria server is now up! World Reset!


Our very own Terraria server is up! World have been resetted. 


The only rules so far:

1. Be nice and cool and ponies.
2. No spoilers on new enemies / stories / items without warning.
3. No turning into hard mode until everypony is okay with it.

Go here for more information and discussion and update and stuffs


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PS: If you want a copy of the old world, let me know

Weather Schedule for the Month of October!

Posted up on the bulletin board, there is a slightly crumpled, square piece of cardboard that has the days of the month written on it. At the top, the current month says it's September, with the listing of each day's weather beneath it.




there is also a flyer tacked onto the board, that reads: