November 2013

The Ponyville publishing company

The ponyville publishing company is for the authors who are having some problems showing off there great stories.

Employees:pip glowhorn

Area:block away from the spa

Room:the hub

Exterior: It is a small building with a sign saying "the ponyville publishing company, your stories are meant to be told" written with blue paint, two windows with the same logo on them in between is a door with 4 little windows in the top. The rest of the building is the average ponyville structure. Hay is on top as the roof.

The Arcade is up!

The Game Corner

*A poster on the town bulletin board*

...and without much delay. Ponyville now has it's own Arcade! ((


Need a place to hang out with your friends? 

Play some games?

Card game tournaments even? 

We even have a juice bar but that's only the beginning! 

If you're interested you can find us in Town Square!

Game Corner

The Game Corner

Note this is a fan made location