February 2014

ZilverMoon Blog

Well, This Is how, An Unicorn (Acully i made Up Alicorn But If i cant Rp one im an Unicorn then) Me, Being Bored

Ive found this site wile i whas searching Mine Little Pony Servers

It Does seeom Realy Cozzy, Any ways

I am ZilverMoon, I lived with My sister GoldenSun and Ofcourse My mother and Father, My mother MoonShine and My father DayBreeze.

They Died when I whas 2, My sister whas 3 or 4 By the....

We lived after That With OUr Foal Sitter Peppermint

Seriously thinking I should just give up.

So I tried to work with Mayday to create a pony that could work with the universe of this place, but it would appear as though I'm either too stupid or too dense to be able to do any such thing. After working 3 hours on my first character, it was shot down for...tolerable reasons. After trying to explain my point of view, I decided to take her advice, scrap the character, and make an entirely new one. Instead of giving me a fair chance, Mayday told me "I should find somewhere else to rp, as this place doesn't fit my style."

Newmoon Winter and I sharing my notebook computer...

"Well lets see here... About me... Hmm...."

"Hey, tell them just to check our tumblr..."

"Newmoon- Wait, that's a good idea..." *clears throat.* "Yes well, to make this short and sweet,"