June 2014

Ask Ollie and Blair

Blair:Hi im Blair 

Ollie:And im Ollie the owner of Blair well,im my creators mane character.

Topic:Our Family

Blair:My family is:Mother-DawningSnow,Father-SolarStrings,Sister-Demi,Aunt-Zimi,Uncle-Xephos.Long away cousins-Ollie,Tootie Fruity.

Ollie:My family is:Mother:Blackbeauty,Father:CloudyStorm,Sister-Stripeneon,Aunt-Leafy Dreams,Uncle-ShapedAce.Long away cousins-Blair,CocoaBrownie,Rainbow Spectrum,Rainbow dash. Next Topic:What did we use to look like?

Anon:What did you two look like?

Blair:I was how i was now...

TMNT Donnies introduction

Hey,everypony!Just wanted to make the story in parts but not in whole since it is hard.So lets go!Here are introductions but this is Donnies part!


Hello,everyone!I am Donatello!


Nicknames:Donnie,Don or D

Family:Leonardo:Oldest brother Raphael:Older brother Michelangelo:Younger brother

Girlfriend:Delilah (me)