May 2015

The Life Of Mumpty

Mumpty Bumpty is an Earth Pony at the age of twenty, as a filly she dreamed of being a unicorn, and was often found researching magic. Soon, she became happily obsessed with food, ignoring everything except her friends in favor of filling her belly, because of this, she soon gained her cutie mark, a purple spoon. She loves playing with her friends, getting dirty, chatting with her friends, and devouring everything in sight, her favorite hobby is finding new, exotic foods to try, most of which others would find gross.

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The Bee Farm

The Bee Farm is composed of a small, long, one-story house and a wooden storage shed situated near the edge of Ponyville proper. The house sits close to the road and has a fairly large yard owing to the row of upright bee hives that sit on the side of the house. Attached to the yard, and blocked from the road by a simple fence, is a wide pasture that the family tends to. Every year during Winter Wrap-Up, the family plants Clover, Agastache, and Goldenrod to create a pasture for their bees.