October 2017

Bluemoon's story

Bluemoon, she's a simple alicorn she was born on galifrey and crashed landed in the land that would be known as equestria 500 before the princesses, she had to stay hidden and sneak around half of her life to get food and places to stay, other ponies freaked out, and stunned her for being what she was until the princesses came and made order to this land naming it equestria, ponies went on with life and soon less and less ponies made fun of Bluemoon and slowly forgot about it, but no Bluemoon didn't forget she still remembered, but she took the memories and stuffed them away.

Beginning times

Oh hello everyone, I'm just here talking about what I need to mostly my O.C I really hope you guys will get to like to her, and hopefully she grows on you, she is one of my favorite O.C's and she has many things that have happened to her, basically I'm just discussing my O.C wait and see when I make another post of her discussing her life, or you could go read my story Fallout Equestria Shattered Memories.