The Press invites you to a Hearts and Hooves Day Event!


When: Doors open February 14th February 15th, 18:00 (Server Time)

Where: The Press Bar & Club in the Library District

Since Monday, the 4th, flyers have been appearing around Ponyville and even Canterlot promoting an event at The Press

On Hearts and Hooves Day, The Press will be having an event for Singles and Couples alike, including a raffle for both groups. 

For couples, your five bit table reservation will include a raffle ticket for a chance at a special Couples' Spa Trip! 

For singles, two ponies will win a very special romantic getaway to The Crystal Empire (the Kingdom of Love!)... together!

But hurry, couples, seats are limited! Make your reservation today!

An address for making reservations is on the flyer. (Send a PUB to Duo ! ) 

The Press invites you to a Magic Show!

Event Data: 
Fri, 2012-11-30 18:00 - 22:00


When: Friday at 6 PM

Where: The Press Bar & Club in The Library District

Since Wednesday, flyers have been appearing all over town and as far away as Canterlot advertising an event at The Press


This Friday at 6 PM, Ponyville's own Raven Shadow will be performing a magic show at The Press. Bring your friends and family! VIPs get half price drinks and seats by the stage! You don't want to miss what's sure to be an unbeatable show!


Click image for flyer! 

What's this? Another Stylish Stitches ad?

As of late, there have been less and less ponies visiting Rainbow's store. Could it be that ponies just aren't into clothes anymore? Or, perhaps they're just content with one pair of clothes. Either way, Rainbow's shop is going to go out of business soon if this continues! So, of course, It would only seem logical to place ads ALL over the hub. Sooo... Voila! Here they are~


Time Family Time Works Ponyville Branch

Several posters adorn Ponyville, upon closer inspection they read:

"Greetings ponies of Ponyville! We at Time Family Time Works of Hoofington are pleased to announce that we are now opening a store in Ponyville, headed by our own Jacklyn Time. We specialize in the finest timepieces in Equestria, quality guaranteed, you will not find timepieces! In addition to our own in house models, we specialize in custom orders and delivery right to your front doorstep, and if it arrives damaged we will give you your money back as well as repair it free of harge! So please, feel free to pay us a visit upon our grand opening!"

Party for Apple Bumpkin

Event Data: 
Sun, 2011-11-20 15:00 - 18:45

Games, food, snacks, a giant cake, an indoor pool.

All this and more at Apple Bumpkin's birthday party on 11/20 at the Crescendo Kite residence! Everypony welcome, the more the merrier! No gift required!

Time: 15:00 PM (EST)

(( This is whispered from pony to pony with explicit instructions NOT to tell Apple Bumpkin. ))

Sun and Moon Therapy and Counseling Center

You find a flyer advertising a new business:

Stop by the Sun and Moon today with this flyer to receive a free session!

The Sun and Moon is a therapy and counseling center with a commitment to solving everything from simple life problems to mental disorders and addictions of its clients. We are located near Twilight's Library and the schoolhouse and have flexible hours for appointments to be made at virtually any time convenient for the client. We have prices available for even the tightest budgets, and nobody is ever turned away because they can't pay.

Builder Needed!

All over town, near the town hall, and various business establishments, glitter covered fliers have been posted in hopes of catching the eye of a talented handypony. Kelpy Blue seems to be in dire need of a builder willing to build her a pool. The fliers seems to be the work of the seapony herself, but the message on them is very clear. The seapony is desperate for a builder to help her out!

Greenling's Business Journal 1: Advertisement Ideas

This can be found on Greenling's kitchen table, in a folder with lots of clipped articles about a wide array of subjects. It is written in red ink.


For those ponies who desire a more interesting array of flowers and plants than what is generally available are the NORM, there is only one place to go.

Greenling's Greenhouse

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Greenling

Location: On the edge of the Everfree Forest, close enough to town to avoid contact with the more secluded beasts.

Room: The Wilds

Shinula's Pharmacy

You like? Shinula made from recycled news-paper. Do not ingest though, ink is toxic. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE.

Ah. Hello. You are probably wondering, 'Who is crazy striped pony, putting posters everywhere?' Well, will tell you. Am Dr Shinula. Pronounced, Shy-noo-la. Also am zebra, not pony, is difference. Also not crazy. Not imporant.

What is important, is Shinula's Pharmacy. Opened while back, but few in-town customers. All these potions and no where to go. So, think to self, advertise. But how? Posters! So, recy- nevermind, side tracked again. Talk about Pharmacy. Yes.

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