Winter Wrap Up 2016

Hope you're all done making snowponies and having snowball fights because that snow expires on the 20th and you wouldn't want to get sick from expired snow!


And by that I mean it's time for Winter Wrap Up! It's that time of year where we clear the snow out of Ponyville, wake up all the hibernating animals and plant some crops. So get your shovel, an alarm clock, and a hoof full of parsnip seeds.


As usual their will be three teams: Weather, Animals, and Crops. See Twilight Sparkle (or any other stand-in staff that may be there) in the HUB to get assigned to a team, and a vest.


The event will start on the 20th of March and end on the 21st. This means from the dawn of the 20th to dusk on the 21st!


4th Anniversary Renovation!

Hey, everyone!


We know many of you enjoy roleplaying and story-telling here in the pony community, and is one of the oldest (and we dare say, best) pony RP sites of this MLP generation.  Things have been a bit sleepy as of late, however, and we would really like to see some fresh faces around the site to help liven things up a bit!


Having recently celebrated our 4th Anniversary online, we wanted to commemorate it with something special!  So we’ve been hard at work to make the site even better than ever!


To this effect we’ve just upgraded the Live Roleplaying Chat to the newly updated C4 Chat System.  This allows better character customization and management, as well as a much nicer mobile interface, more sophisticated profile formatting, switchable character icons, and more!


In addition, we are currently undergoing major revisions to our site rules and policies to allow players more freedom in their character creation and interactions in the Live RP Chat.  This includes some of the new C4 features, such as a more robust interface that allows for tabbed private messaging and independant group chat creation.


Of course, we still believe in a safe and friendly roleplaying environment suitable for teens and adults, but we also want to give our members more creative leeway so that they are free to express themselves and their Equestrian creations to the fullest!  


We are interested in hearing your feedback and opinions, so feel free to contact us in chat or via the forums.  As always, the forums are available for introductions and forum-based roleplay, as well as general, pony and website discussion.  We also still have public galleries for all of our users where you can easily upload and share all of your pony-related art and creations.



If you would like to help us get the word out, please upvote this thread so that anyone who is interested has a chance to check us out!


If you would like to help us get the word out, please like and reblog so that your friends have a chance to check us out as well!


We hope to see you soon!



New chat version now in production use

New chat is now in production use. Please move all form of roleplay over there! 

Talk about it here



Round 2: New chat version testing

We are now testing the new chat, a there are no major breakthough, so we are mostly testing for stability and major issue. Feature will come later!

Talk about it here


Round two testing starts Feb 18th

Winter Wrap Up 2014!

Hey everypony it's that time of year again, the time where we get together, clean up Winter and get ready for Spring!
We'll be doing this on 22nd and the 23rd. It will start roughly 12:00 server time on the 22nd.

If you want to participate in the Wrap Up, all you need to do is speak to Twlight Sparkle or Mayor Mare! They'll get your marked down so you can later be assigned to groups and get your vests! You can see these two ponies anytime during the coming week, and if you can't seem to catch them, you can send them PUBs too.

Hope to see you there!


Season 4 Continuity Merge!

Hey yall! From this point forward the events in the Season 4 opener are now canon and the site is no longer spoiler free regarding the first two episodes and all the events that have transpired have happened in the Fillyverse. This signals a return to our 'one day' continuity merges and the OOC room being the only spoiler area the day of each new episode's premiere. Any questions can be directed towards the Moderator team in chat, through PUBs or even in the section below, have fun and keep cool ponies!

See the Season 4 Discussion thread for information on how we deal with specific details and situation. Right now, We are going thru Epsiode 1. Since the next few Epsiodes doesn't really affect the universe too much, we are just going to merge them all at once at the end of this Season 4 opening event.

This has been a long time coming.

 Many times when one is in a position of power they end up becoming over time, guilty of the sin of hubris. Acting in utter confidence of all actions regardless of how irresponsible or wrong they are. I am no exception to this. I've had a wonderful experience in acting as the head of this place for a long while, but all things, good, or bad, must come to an end. I am retiring as head administrator.


Fillydelphia Terraria server is now up! World Reset!


Our very own Terraria server is up! World have been resetted. 


The only rules so far:

1. Be nice and cool and ponies.
2. No spoilers on new enemies / stories / items without warning.
3. No turning into hard mode until everypony is okay with it.

Go here for more information and discussion and update and stuffs


(( Image source ))

PS: If you want a copy of the old world, let me know

Canon auditions and activity policy!


Hey y'all! Following our proposal and discussion about revamping canon characters and spurring on new activity, we've finally gotten the chance to progress towards auditions! We'd like everyone to take a look over here please and see if there are any characters they are interested in running:

New Canon policy: This also ushers in our new canon policy for Mane Six and  supporting cast (CMC, The princesses), we would like to see them active, or making a public apperance or participating in a scene at least two times a week, we're instituting this policy to help prevent people from sitting on a canon and to help keep things fresh and moving on Filly!

If there are any concerns, questions or comments I would be more than happy to answer them in forum or pub, y'all have a great day and thank you for your time!

Princess Coronation

After some discussion we have decided to go ahead with the coronation. Which is going to be this weekend, and Twilight will be coronated on Monday. You can decides on whether your character know about it, or not. Either way there will be plenty of time  for your character to figure things out. 

Also, have a great summer everypony!!! 

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