Glimmering Brides Bridal Shop




Owner: Glimmer

Room: Library District


Wedding Planner: Blaire Bokette

Intern: Bonnette Bokette

((Sales Rep position available.))

Hours of operation: 9am-9pm

Ponyville's Hygiene Clinic


Note: This is a fan made location. Not Cannon


Owner: Shimmermaw


Employees: Shimmermaw


Location: Near the School in the Library area.


Room: Twilight's Library Surroundings


Exterior Description: 

Rich's Barnyard Bargains Re-Opened!

A notice at the Town Hall Bulletin board: "Rich's Barnyard Bargains is re-opened for business after remodeling! Ponyville's number one grocery store awaits it's valued customers. Our prices are as low as they've ever been, and we hope to see the residents of our fine town soon. Mr. Rich himself would like to welcome his new competitors in this field, and may the best pony win!"

Uh.. buildings..

Buildings.. ponies live in them and yet ponies don't.

They don't try to eat you, but the hurt if you run into them.

Have to talk to mayor about finding one to live in..but we don't know which building she lives in..

PS.. What is a belfry?

Shinulas Pharmacy


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Shinula

Residents and/or Employees: Shinula, Shine, Marl, Schutze, Octavia, Mahir

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