Cotton's Candy Kingdom Grand Opening!

Come, fillies, to the Grand Opening of Cotton's Candy Kingdom! Grab all the candy you can find! Smile We welcome all ponies, young, old, or inbetween. Got your special day coming up? We do parties, too! Hiring!

A Personal Character Request thing. From Oni!

Yo everypony. I'm just doing a small request for auditions for some original characters of mine. I haven't drawn all of them, so that's also going to be part of the request too, unless I manage to make myself unlazy enough to draw them as well. But specifically, the characters I want played, are to be relatives of my main OC, Oni Sorasousha. If this doesn't appeal to you, I can understand, and don't feel that you have to read past the break, unless you are curious about doing so.




Original Characters



This chat is filled with original characters! Simply go to the chat, create one, and it will be listed here!

Some tools here to help you start making your own.

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