Chat room

Room reconfiguration completed

Finally got around to add new rooms and spread things out a bit. This was started in this post

See update to our Location and Rules related to this map changes too!

Significant Events


Here we will add any significant event happened in the chat. Feel free to add your own! 

05/09/2011 - Wickedwishes and her Apple of Discord

Chat Roleplay

Go here to see the entrance to our chat!

Notable links:

Original Characters



This chat is filled with original characters! Simply go to the chat, create one, and it will be listed here!

Some tools here to help you start making your own.

Restructure Revolution!

As most of you who come to the chat rooms may be aware, there's been a restructure of the chat room system to hopefully make navigating/choosing where to play, a bit more obvious. Also, there've been updates to the rules So make sure that you give them a read! The room descriptions were done by Crescendo Kite, who also happens to play our local great and powerful Trixie!

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