Lunar Celebration

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Mon, 2011-07-25 17:00 - Tue, 2011-07-26 04:00


A plan is in the works, a truly glorious plan. This Saturday plans will  be delivered to certain ponies in Equestria, who will have the honor of  spending the next to days setting up the very first Lunar Festival!  Dancing, lights! Food and drink, Luna herself will be there and hoping  so see you all on Monday evening! A wonderful time will be had by all,  and (for those of you who've been waiting for it) she will even be open  to hugs!


It's time for the Summer Festival!

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Tue, 2011-07-12 20:00 - 23:00


The office of the Mayor would like to announce the organization of the Summer Festival to beheld Next Tuesday at the Town Gathering Hall.  The event will be formal so bring your best attire and put your best hoof forward!  Photographers will be on hand and each couple will recieve one free photograph of themselves as they proudly display themselves on the promenade.  Snacks will be provided by Ponyville's own Apple Family.  

Music auditions will be held at the discretion of Tek Croon (Chamber Orchestra, Chorale, and Modern Music are being considered)

Please dust off those suits and come join the fun!

Gladys' Redemption

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Wed, 2011-06-29 19:00 - 22:30

"I'm not sure how or why I deluded myself for so long. I tricked myself into believing that I wasn't hearing the voices, or realizing that my mind had been sliced into five parts. I didn't understand how deeply this corruption had embedded itself into my mind. When I stopped deluding myself, I believed that the source of the corruption came from somewhere else, and so did the voices.
"Now I have to accept that I was wrong. The voices come from me. I am the source of the voices, and I am the instrument of the evils I have done. I must now accept this fact, as well as accept responsibility for my actions.

Green Week Awards!

Thank Y'all for Tryin'! I imagine that's what our winner would have to say! Though of course, that's what I'd like to say too! Thanks everyone who participated in the Green Week Event! Now, the moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for: Here's your badges! Feel free to link them into your profile, and if you're not sure how, just get help from me or Mayday! Fore the rest of the results, just look past the break, and if you participated, you should find your badge!





Event- Commemoration Party!

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Fri, 2011-06-24 14:00 - 20:00

Joe and Obsidian are having a big bash for the breaking ground of Joes new shop.   Donations have been piled in for everypony to help out during this time!

The End of Green Week!

And so ends a truely fun event! Now of course, I'm sure everyone's wondering about getting their badges! To redeem your Green Week Badge, send Oni_Sorasousha a PUB with the TOTAL number of times you've been hit. If you have multiple characters who participated, you can submit seperate score cards for each character if you want, or you can opt to count all of your hits for the character of your choice. Just please note how you gained your points


UPDATE: Please turn in your score by Monday to be considered in the placing. Scores turned in later will still get badges, but won't be considered for top places.

On Posters Around Town

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Thu, 2011-06-09 (All day)

Hey everypony.

If you're interested in catching some waves or just learning how to surf, meet me at the big lake near Fluttershy's cottage this Thursday at 4pm (eastern time). I'll provide the boards and the waves. If there's enough interest, we might make it a regular thing.

See you there dudes!


Green Week!

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Fri, 2011-06-10 (All day) - Fri, 2011-06-17 (All day)

Green Week! The Ponyville Celebration of June

Starting on the 10th this month, and going to the 17th, an event is being held!The Green week waterfight! We all know it's getting a bit hot these June. (Double derp) days,so what better way to cool off than with a water fight? The water will however,be enchanted with green dye that will remain, even when washed, for the duration of the event! At the end of the week, the most green pony (Due to dye! Natural coat color not withstanding!) Will be the winner of a shiny green badge to put on their profile. Unique badges will also be given to second and third place. Non-Unique Participation badges will be given to everypony who joins in!

Twilight Sparkle Vs The Great And Power Trixie - The Duel

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Sun, 2011-05-29 18:00 - 20:00

See here for the log that lead to this event

Violet and Cy's house warming slumber party

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Sun, 2011-05-29 14:00 - 18:00

See here for the event. 

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