The Bee Farm

The Bee Farm is composed of a small, long, one-story house and a wooden storage shed situated near the edge of Ponyville proper. The house sits close to the road and has a fairly large yard owing to the row of upright bee hives that sit on the side of the house. Attached to the yard, and blocked from the road by a simple fence, is a wide pasture that the family tends to. Every year during Winter Wrap-Up, the family plants Clover, Agastache, and Goldenrod to create a pasture for their bees.

The Haunted Glade has appeared

glade far enough North of Ponyville to be out of range of all magical detection.  As you enter you will notice the topography is that of a large bowl with a raised dome in the center.  At the bottom of the round trough created runs a small brook.  Most of the rim of the bowl is smooth but in the Northwest area, it becomes sharp and actually overhangs inside a bit creating an alcove, and on the Northeast, it breaks to allow the stream to exit. 

The Haunted Glade

Owner: Shadow Orchid
Location:  North of Ponyville
Room: The Wilds 

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