Snow Games! Hearthswarming Event

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Fri, 2013-12-27 18:45 - 23:45

Hey everypony! You ready for some fun? Because we're gonna have some! There'll be snow ball fights and sled races, prizes for both, snacks in between, and lots of fun with friends!

If you want to come and join in, just show up at Sweet Apple Acres. You don't even need to bring your own sled but you can if you want that's fine too!

Date: 27th December (Server date)

Time: Starts, roughly 18:00 (Server time)

Location: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields

(More information on how the competitions will work, below. Please read those if you're going to participate.)


Fillydelphia Terraria server is now up! World Reset!


Our very own Terraria server is up! World have been resetted. 


The only rules so far:

1. Be nice and cool and ponies.
2. No spoilers on new enemies / stories / items without warning.
3. No turning into hard mode until everypony is okay with it.

Go here for more information and discussion and update and stuffs


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PS: If you want a copy of the old world, let me know

Fillydelphia Terraria server

Our very own Terraria server is up! 

Go here for more information! 


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