Nightmare Moon Arc wrap up along with other things

This post is to summerizes everything about the Nightmare Moon Arc along with any other information that might be interesting

Log #1 Lunar Festival  (info)

Log #2 Kidnapping

Log #3 Final confronation

Purple Dawn (The Glooze Event)

(All descriptions are as I (Apple_Bumpkin) understood them and subject to correction from the various characters involved.  Also I only know the parts I was involved in.  Other ponies where were involved in the quest to discover a cure for gloozed Apple_Bumpkin and a way to defeat Glooze should add those parts to this page.)


A Birthday Party

I would like to announce the arrival of a new baby alicorn pony in Ponyville!  He was born miraculously yesterday from the good energy that was inside the glooze when it was defeated.  Every pony is welcome to come by Sweet Apple Acres to celebrate!  The party will be ongoing in the 'Residential Area' all day today (formally or informally), so come on down and shake your groove thing and welcome the new arrival! 

Glooze Finale

Event Data: 
Mon, 2011-05-23 18:00 - 23:30

The long awaited final showdown!


Event Data: 
Fri, 2011-05-13 17:00 - Fri, 2011-05-20 17:00

This is the current Glooze event.

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Stupid forcefield

There's a forcefield blocking Ponyville.... I can get in, I cant really visit any of the freinds I made since Ive been here.... I dont like it. The little ponies say theres this goopblob thingy... or somthing. How is a goop dangerous? This forcefeild shield thingy is stupid, I dont like it, I wanna see my freinds, so I'm taking it down. Besides!, even if there is an evil goop, isnt putting up a shield preventing ponies from escaping if they have to? I may be slow with thingys, but I'm smart and I know the shield is a no no.

"The Glooze Is Loose!" by Skyblaze

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!

It's nasty and and it's slimy It'll leave ya lookin' grimy!

It'll slop and splash and glop and crash

It smells like week-old moldy trash

The Glooze is loose! The Glooze is loose!


Well. Huh. One heck of a Friday the 13th huh...

Woke up from a concussion in the library to heard about this "glooze" stuff. I think that name's kind of silly to be honest...

A Royal Announcement From Princess Luna

Today, I recieved a letter from a haggard mail carrier. He had been assaulted on his way to deliver it to us. I was terribly worried, and now I am even moreso. this news has reached our ears late. It is apparent that some.. thing.. is targeting those who carry the Elements of Harmony. Yes, they are real, and yes, six ponies living down in ponyville hold and embody them. None of them have been assaulted more than once, so for now e are placing the highest priority on the remaining two. Pinkie Pie, the Element of Laughter, and Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic

Defense grid activating

A quick update for all those ponies who are confused as to why there is a great big shining tower in the middle of town, and why some of your roofs may have new fancy ornaments. Due to the recent Glooze attacks, it has been decided that a shield should be erected over Ponyville for a small time period until the problem is rectified. The shield will impose a 5 meter flight ceiling restriction at the limits of Ponyville. In addition to this, a storm belt has been set up outside the shield, where it cuts off (5 metres above ground level), providing a constant water source to hopefully prevent the ooze from penetrating Ponyville. Remember this is only temporary until the problem is solved.

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