Sweetly Dreaming: A Short Event

There has been a rustling in the Everfree for a long time now...

A child has been stalked....

A family has been torn apart...

The appearances of strangers, quiet and unassuming, has slipped under all levels of perception...

The moon sets on this tale, with only a few to keep watch... How can a tale like this end?

-- ---

October 25-28, in The Wilds.

The City of Mane

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Greenling

Location: Eastward of Canterlot, located in a lush valley surrounded by low sloping peaks

Room: The Other Room

Greenling's Business Journal 1: Advertisement Ideas

This can be found on Greenling's kitchen table, in a folder with lots of clipped articles about a wide array of subjects. It is written in red ink.


For those ponies who desire a more interesting array of flowers and plants than what is generally available are the NORM, there is only one place to go.

Greenling's Greenhouse

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Greenling

Location: On the edge of the Everfree Forest, close enough to town to avoid contact with the more secluded beasts.

Room: The Wilds

Greenie's Diary-- "Going Home"

Dear Diary (You'd better write back)

I keep getting distracted from that most important of tasks... But really, with so much going on right now, how can Mother expect me to just drop everything and trot off in response to her every beck and call? Haha. I'm a nusy mare, I'm successful! I have a thriving business, and a strong admiration for Princess Luna. I'm very, very busy. Yes I am. So much getting done every day...




Greenling Unicorn


[Pic soon to come]


Breed: Unicorn

Cutie Mark: A sunflower made up of spirals




Greenling is a very strange pony. She is a full-grown mare, but she still retains the stature of a baby pony.  She loves plants! Some could even say she has a green hoof! Greenie also loves Princess Luna to the point of obsession!



Greenling's (M)Usings #1

Greenling Unicorn writing, on this, Day 47 since the return of Our Lunar Princess.

I write this journal to keep track of the wretched failure my life has become since getting this job in the Hoofenberg Greenhaus, the premiere greenhouse of Ponytory. I think I actually successfully bred a moon lotus! By crossing a red water lily with a blue lotus (the old-fashioned, Earth pony way, I might add), I have recieved buds of a color somewhere between a sort of 'natural hot-pink' and a pale violet-blue. I believe the second or thir generation will produce an even more lovely color! I need a blue to match the glossy luster of Lady Luna's mane in her moonlight. That will be my gift to her. I wonder how she'll reward me!


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