The Bee Farm

The Bee Farm is composed of a small, long, one-story house and a wooden storage shed situated near the edge of Ponyville proper. The house sits close to the road and has a fairly large yard owing to the row of upright bee hives that sit on the side of the house. Attached to the yard, and blocked from the road by a simple fence, is a wide pasture that the family tends to. Every year during Winter Wrap-Up, the family plants Clover, Agastache, and Goldenrod to create a pasture for their bees.

Town Square Beautification Process

...or Vinmart Removal and Other Stuff.

After last weekend's Assembly for the Betterment of Ponyville, it was decided, by a voting majority, to fully remove the Vinmart structure from the Ponyville Town Square, among other smaller matters. In result of that, the process will begun as soon as possible, Town Hall having already gathered the support of several professional ponies to work for it.


Along with removing the structure, however, Town Hall plans on making the land surrounding it beautiful again, so that it adds to the attractive looks of Ponyville overall. We're looking for help from the community for this; if you have any idea or support to give during your free time in order to achieve this, it will be appreciated! Mainly, we're looking for ponies that can provide a hoof or four by planting trees and flowers, getting rid of weeds and re-grassing the soon-to-be-empty lot of Vinmart.

Should you want to lend your aid, please seek out any Town Hall officer, including Mayor_Mare and Kimono, either by letter or in person.

Thanks for your time!

-Mayor Mare


Visit Ponyville Antiques!

An old poster seems to have been placed on the wall years ago.

Visit Ponyville Antiques!

Get the best artifacts,


hailing from history and legend!


Right here in Ponyville!



Ponyville Antiques, adjacent to Mane Street!



In preparation for Nightmare Night

Residents of Ponyville,

Preparations are complete and Town Square has been decorated for Nightmare Night! Please enjoy the decorations without climbing on them (Pinkie Pie). Stalls have also been moved into place in case you'd like to host or play games at them.

-Lady Rarity

Cotton's Candy Kingdom

Owner: CottonTwist
Residents and/or Employees: CottonTwist
Location: In the Hub
Room: The Hub
Exterior Design: The candyshop is a short pink building with white 'icing' on top. 'Cotton's Candy Kingdom' is spelled out in large magenta letters on the front. The windows are decorated with lavender curtains with gold sequins. Candy canes, gumdrops, and lollies are painted on the exterior walls.

Cotton's Candy Kingdom Grand Opening!

Come, fillies, to the Grand Opening of Cotton's Candy Kingdom! Grab all the candy you can find! Smile We welcome all ponies, young, old, or inbetween. Got your special day coming up? We do parties, too! Hiring!

Tea_Leaf's Tea House

Image goes hereHello everypony.

Looking for a nice relaxing cup of tea to help you unwind after a long day? Or perhaps your an early morning pony looking for a cup to help energize you and get you in the right frame of mind to take the days challenges head-on. Well this is for you. Tea_Leaf's Tea Shop is now open for business. His shop is located in The Hub, and easily noticeable. So everypony come on down and enjoy one of the many, many blends that Tea_Leaf has created. And if your looking for a particular blend of tea, then by all means speak up and Tea_Leaf will do his best to accommodate you. 

Paige's Bookstore: Pages

Greetings! As some of you may know, and those of you who don't, my name is Paige. Recently, I've been finding that the Library doesn't have every book that I'm looking for and I usually have to order them from out of city. A little inconvenient for one who has a thirst for reading like myself. Needless to say, I decided to open up a bookstore within Ponyville called "Pages". This bookstore carries a variety of titles, authors and genres that appeal to everypony's interests. It even carries magazines and newspapers! From popular titles to new releases, Pages will carry just about everything that pertains to your interests. Perhaps there's not a title that we have in store for you? We can order that book for you!


Pages is located in the Hub; appropriate signage out front so you can't really miss it! If you do, it's located right next to the Hub center where the fountain is. If you don't know where that is, then Celestia help you.

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