ColdRemedy's "humble abode"

Location: The Hub.
Residents: ColdRemedy

In between the packed buildings of the hub, is ColdRemedy's home, if you can call it one. Having to go theough a few alleyways to get to the "home", it was hidden from plain sight.

The home was more of a camp, consisting of a Tent, bedroll, and a portable coffe table. There was a cart next to the tent filled with supplies for daily life, food, water, etc. There was also a small foldable desk on the other side of the tent, on top of it were tubes, bottles and many more assortments for alchemy.

The Sports Emporium

The Sports Emporium is a store located in the Twilight's Library and Surroundings area. It is not very small, but not too big either. The outside is  a deep blue, with the logo at the top. On the inside, it is a lighter blue, and is stocked with shelves and racks various balls, sportswear, and other sports equipment. 



Ebacolts Dreamscape -Location for Dream Wing drinkers under it's full influence.

Ebacolt silently grins, surrounded in a blue white light as he stares at the ponies who have found their way into him.  He slowly spins his top hat which changes into a giant tent.  He moves into the entrance silently as he looks back, "Turn back now before things get worse.  Turn back now before you find a dream you do not like." he grins slowly.

Skyblaze's Diary 2

My Diary

Dear Diary,

Well the meeting with mom and dad went a lot better than I was expecting! I wanted to talk to them first about reuniting with Kite, but he was eager about it and we flew to Cloudsdale almost as soon as I told him what I wanted to do!

Skyblaze's Diary

Dear Diary,

It's been a while since I've written to you, but today I take quill in mouth to tell you about an amazing coincidence that happened to me.

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