Journal Entry of Nurse Dart Heart



Today, something very strange happened. I have gotten a job in Ponyville as Nurse. I am happy to be a medic, but it is slightly dampened by the fact that my younger brother, Grind, has also gotten the job. But, I digress. I am helping ponies, and many would tell others that I did. At least, I hope they would.

Danger Journal of Crescendo Kite (Warning, long.)

Dear Journal,

It's been 4 years since my last entry into your pages.   I'm no longer boxing on the Heavy Stallion ranks.  Quit two years ago.   I've got a new job, I love it.  I get to roar at bad creatures or ponies.   Life is grand, isn't it?


DeWaltz Journal: Entry 1

    I've always considerred keeping one of these things. Now's as good a time to start as any. I've sequestered myself to Ponyville for some time now. A lot of weird things have happened since I first got here. I won't go into detail, though. Much of it is still a bit hazy to me. Funds have grown tight, but with any luck I'll find work soon. It shouldn't be all that hard, despite my leg. Just need to keep the positive attitude up.

Jester's Journal

This is to document my life and will remain as a reminder to myself of who am I now and who I once was.

Sali's Journal

Hallo Journal!

It’s me, Sali!  I finally found a good place to land today after flying over that nasty forest!  I wasn’t going to bounce through there, no siree!  It was all dark and ugly and it was bad enough flying over it, but having to go through it?  Never!  Not in a million years!


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