Mysterious Flier


Strange Fliers have been distributed all over town, on purple paper. They read as follows:

"niddly everly verily is great soon all will rise ever very energetic to another happy time giving night interesting radishes tally no enormous money eggs grease alloy go nettle eggs table salt ender books eleven heroes to fly over everypony not owning terrible stars luna understands for it takes understanding and eats beans total sour overmind melting existence hover telescope render ender dairy nicker extra violet always layers over terrible tomatoes for ill graters years mirror exuent brother lavish lake inferno wall nopony over opening mask eschew hat tie. "


Missing Sugarfluff


Missing! Sugarfluff:

Responds to "Puffy." Purple. Loves Grape Jello. Enjoys ear petting. Please return to VINMART Premisis if found. Can also be seen on the Logo.


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