ColdRemedy's "humble abode"

Location: The Hub.
Residents: ColdRemedy

In between the packed buildings of the hub, is ColdRemedy's home, if you can call it one. Having to go theough a few alleyways to get to the "home", it was hidden from plain sight.

The home was more of a camp, consisting of a Tent, bedroll, and a portable coffe table. There was a cart next to the tent filled with supplies for daily life, food, water, etc. There was also a small foldable desk on the other side of the tent, on top of it were tubes, bottles and many more assortments for alchemy.

Town Watch Station

Headquarters of the Ponyville Town Watch. The center of anti-crime activities and leading consumer in doughtnut deliveries from Sugarcube Corner.

Staff Members: Chief Midwatch, Officer Rai, Officer Blondie, and various background ponies.


This article will be separated as "Appleloosa Reference" or something similar once we begin having OC locations and characters show up.

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An observation to point out, is that both Western/Frontier-themed locations in Canon (Appleloosa and Dodge Junction) seem to be centered around Orchards, as opposed to Mines or Ranches.

Quiet Fields



Quiet Fields

A quiet place to relax and take care.


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon. 

Owners: The Quiet Family

Location: Outskirts of town, amongst other farmland.

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields


Game Corner

The Game Corner

Note this is a fan made location


Tea_Leafs Tea House

Owner: Tea_Leaf
Residents and/or Employees: Tea_Leaf, Damion_Page
Location/Room: In the Hub


Exterior Description: Looking like a stone cottage, the Tea House is a comforting, inviting place. There's a small patio area just to the left of the front door, where ponies can relax and enjoy their tea when it's nice outside.


Tackle Task's Travel Treasures

Or as it used to be known "That ol' crab apple tree."  Just on the edge of Sweet Apple Acres stood a large old crab apple tree, that for obvious reasons never got all that much attention from the apple family.  As no pony seemed to mind when renovations began occuring.  The inner trunk hollowed out provided a single spacious room on the ground floor, with only one window beside the door letting light in.  Inside was a single countertop dividing the room at top it was a battered money box, and behind were bags and boxs of assorted sizes and states of being u

Gravenstein Manor

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: The Countess Drucilla Carmilla Von Gravenstein

Residents: The Countess, Cousin Thatt, Lupus Gravenstein, Sway, Uncle Canker

Location: On the border of the Everfree Forest, a short walk from the Froggy Bottom Bog

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields






For Ponyville, we currently use this map:

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In the chat, we currently have ponyville divided in 4 rooms:

Locations (Maps)




Map of Ponyville and surrounding (Canon, Regular roleplay, including Room structure)

For room structure and where is what: See Notable Locations

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