Nightmare Night Week 2016

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Mon, 2016-10-31 19:00 - Sun, 2016-11-06 23:00


Don your delightfully spooky costumes and prepare your confectionary collection buckets, for Nightmare Night Week is upon you!
Throughout the week there shall be a festival in town, involving games, entertainment, trick-or-treating! Much fun shall be had!


The week lasts from the 31st of October and ends after the 6th of November.


There will also be a special attraction during the week in Ponyville. A haunted maze hosted by Ever in the HUB! The maze will be available sporadically during the week so there will be plenty of chances to get lost within!

The pony who gets through the maze the fastest will be given a prize at the end of the week! ((Maze will only be available after 19:00 server time))


Furthermore, there shall be a contest for the spookiest story! The winner shall read their story up on stage for the whole town to hear on the last day of Nightmare Night Week!
((Story Contest Rules: Please note the story must meet Fillydelphia's rules for content and it must be an original work. The work must also be under 7,500 words. Submit your story to Shine/Celestia))


The Hearth's Warming Seasons Begins - Lunar Observance (21st of December, Evening)

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Fri, 2013-12-20 16:00 - Mon, 2013-12-23 16:00

Lunar Observance

With Hearth's Warming Eve approaching, we, the citizens of Ponyville (and Equestria as whole), should take our time and energy to observe the traditions passed down through the years as Equestrians!  In order to do that, we would like to ask anyone who wants to volunteer to help us in making this year's Hearth's Warming Eve a bright and festive one for all of Ponyville!  ~Twilight Sparkle


The Story:  Originally in the old days of Equestria, ponies placed candles at night in rememberance of the fire of friendship that burned to keep Clover the Clever, Private Pansy and Smart Cookie alive under the assault of the Wendigos before the founding of Equestria!  This was typically done on the longest, coldest night of the year: the Winter Solistace. 


After the rise of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, the solstices were used as days to honor their respective Princesses, but with the first defeat of Nightmare Moon, the Winter Solstice celebrations faded out of favor.


However!  Now that Princess Luna has returned and been restored to her former grace, it would be impolite if we didn't kick off the Hearth's Warming season with the traditional opening ceremony!  And so, we celebrate the founding of Equestria, Friendship, and the return of Princess Luna with a simple vigil as we open the Hearth's Warming Season.


Lunar Celebration

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Mon, 2011-07-25 17:00 - Tue, 2011-07-26 04:00


A plan is in the works, a truly glorious plan. This Saturday plans will  be delivered to certain ponies in Equestria, who will have the honor of  spending the next to days setting up the very first Lunar Festival!  Dancing, lights! Food and drink, Luna herself will be there and hoping  so see you all on Monday evening! A wonderful time will be had by all,  and (for those of you who've been waiting for it) she will even be open  to hugs!


Purple Dawn (The Glooze Event)

(All descriptions are as I (Apple_Bumpkin) understood them and subject to correction from the various characters involved.  Also I only know the parts I was involved in.  Other ponies where were involved in the quest to discover a cure for gloozed Apple_Bumpkin and a way to defeat Glooze should add those parts to this page.)


Greenling's (M)Usings #1

Greenling Unicorn writing, on this, Day 47 since the return of Our Lunar Princess.

I write this journal to keep track of the wretched failure my life has become since getting this job in the Hoofenberg Greenhaus, the premiere greenhouse of Ponytory. I think I actually successfully bred a moon lotus! By crossing a red water lily with a blue lotus (the old-fashioned, Earth pony way, I might add), I have recieved buds of a color somewhere between a sort of 'natural hot-pink' and a pale violet-blue. I believe the second or thir generation will produce an even more lovely color! I need a blue to match the glossy luster of Lady Luna's mane in her moonlight. That will be my gift to her. I wonder how she'll reward me!


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