Goldgear co.

Goldgear co. is a company that invents things for the common pony (or pegisi, and unicorn) to use from cake makers to artifical wings. with the head of operations gearheart_goldmane looking for workers and or inovators its hard for him to make these inventions on the go.

Owner: Gearheart_Goldmane

opening:hopefuly friday, the building is done (Thanks to MacabreHaze for building the building, KickPulse for helping dig the basement hole,) still needs some furnishings and decor (maily for the meeting room)

The Haunted Glade

Owner: Shadow Orchid
Location:  North of Ponyville
Room: The Wilds 

Archie's Most Recent Notes on the Everfree Forest

((This is in the large tome that Archie keeps all of his notes in, there is a carefully drawn map with various notations and symbols on it. There are also various disjointed notes from his most recent expedition.))

Discovered possible Hydra resting place, marked on map, set up a discrete small enchanted totem of sorts based on an energy supply from the abundant ambient magical energy to give me a warning whenever I'm approaching it from a certain distance.

Cave Exploration Gone Wrong?

So in our last cave exploration Lotta and I found in a small cave some gems and a small piece of wood. I kept the gems (I made a beautiful necklace for Lotta out of it! I remember the moment she accepted....), and we took the piece of wood to Twilight Sparkle. She suggested that we check the same place again.


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