OC Location

Town Watch Station

Headquarters of the Ponyville Town Watch. The center of anti-crime activities and leading consumer in doughtnut deliveries from Sugarcube Corner.

Staff Members: Chief Midwatch, Officer Rai, Officer Blondie, and various background ponies.

Quiet Fields



Quiet Fields

A quiet place to relax and take care.


Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon. 

Owners: The Quiet Family

Location: Outskirts of town, amongst other farmland.

Room: Sweet Apple Acres and the Fields


Cuppa Café

The Cuppa Café is a charming, nondescript building on the outer edges of Ponyville as it disperses into Sweet Apple Acres.

It has a small, stone patio porch out front and rounded glass, patisseriê style windows. The door is a mocha brown color and jangles a small bell upon entering the café.

The City of Mane, Historical Preservation Committe 1

Found on Greenling's kitchen table, in the ame folder as her advertistment ideas and saved articles. It is a clipping about the city of Mane, Greenling's hometown. It appears to have tear marks scattered over the paper.




(Re)Announcing Klondike's Cafe

An aged, torn paper flutters gently in the breeze outside of Klondike's resturant. The text, luckily, is still legable.

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