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Cotton's Candy Kingdom

Owner: CottonTwist
Residents and/or Employees: CottonTwist
Location: In the Hub
Room: The Hub
Exterior Design: The candyshop is a short pink building with white 'icing' on top. 'Cotton's Candy Kingdom' is spelled out in large magenta letters on the front. The windows are decorated with lavender curtains with gold sequins. Candy canes, gumdrops, and lollies are painted on the exterior walls.

The Lands Beyond



Ruler: No specific ruler, several assorted warlords own territory

Residents: Mostly Zebra and Gryphons, with some ponies, approximate overall population is 4.3 Million creatures, not counting monsters.

Location: Starting from Mild West's western border, and stretches west and north to the oceans, while continuing south until the Broken Laylands.


General Information:

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