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Haywaii is a cluster of islands in the ocean West of the Everfree forest. The Big Island is the most notable of the Islands and is a hot spot for tourism. It is the Equestrian equivalent of Hawaii in
that it is a cluster of tropical islands that were created by volcanoes.Among the waters of the Islands of Haywaii live clusters of sea ponies that shy away from contact with land ponies.The natives are friendly to visitors, but recommend staying away from the deeper parts of the ocean, for fear of sirens is rampant.

Marelantis Expedition is looking for a team

The city of Marelantis was recorded as having been lost in a storm though while many believe it is an old pony tale, there are some rare relics that have appeared from time to time that seem to point to it having been a real place. The Marelanteans were rumored to be a city of powerful unicorns who discovered a way to enchant stones with a spell that enabled the stone to augment the magic of the holder. Different types of minerals were used for this purpose (as long as they were pure specimens) not just rubies but for simplicity, they are all referred to as Marelantean Rubies. Shadow Orchid has no reference for which stone resonates with which magic power. She seeks a Marelantean Ruby made of diamond because she believes that because carbon is the building block of life, the diamond will resonate with growth magic. We will seek Marelantis its self most likely. The map only reveals where the Marelantean Ruby she desires can be found.

Flutter Valley

Note: This is not a canon G4 location. It is however strongly based on G1 canon.


Owner: Ixia
Location: Somewhere inside the Everfree forest, possibly in the southeast?
Room: Other room


Description: Flutter Valley is the sole home of the Flutter Pony, a race of small, fairy like ponies with insectoid wings. It is a very isolated place, and it's residents like it that way.

Jewels and Such

Lunar Festival Grounds

52nd and Mane


Owner: MojitoJoe

Location: In the Town Square on Mane Street

Room: The Hub

Found on Mane Street in a former empty lot this two story building is now the home base for MojitioJoe’s Soda & Beverages Limited. However for the majority of the public this building serves as a new high end, fancy, but affordable restaurant experience.


52nd and Mane



Owner: MojitoJoe

Location: In the Town Square on Mane Street

Room: The Hub

Managers: Iona (Front end staff and servers) Jester (Bottleing and distrubtion) Showtime (Assistant Manager to Jester)

Monolithic Dome

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Oni Sorasousha

Greenling's Greenhouse

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Greenling

Location: On the edge of the Everfree Forest, close enough to town to avoid contact with the more secluded beasts.

Room: The Wilds

Klondike's Cafe

Note: This is a fan made location. Not canon

Owner: Klondike

Location: In the hub, near Sugar Cube Corner.

Room: The Hub

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