Original Locations

The Bee Farm

The Bee Farm is composed of a small, long, one-story house and a wooden storage shed situated near the edge of Ponyville proper. The house sits close to the road and has a fairly large yard owing to the row of upright bee hives that sit on the side of the house. Attached to the yard, and blocked from the road by a simple fence, is a wide pasture that the family tends to. Every year during Winter Wrap-Up, the family plants Clover, Agastache, and Goldenrod to create a pasture for their bees.

Visit Ponyville Antiques!

An old poster seems to have been placed on the wall years ago.

Visit Ponyville Antiques!

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Ponyville Antiques, adjacent to Mane Street!



Ponyville Antiques

Game Corner

The Game Corner

Note this is a fan made location


Cotton's Candy Kingdom

Owner: CottonTwist
Residents and/or Employees: CottonTwist
Location: In the Hub
Room: The Hub
Exterior Design: The candyshop is a short pink building with white 'icing' on top. 'Cotton's Candy Kingdom' is spelled out in large magenta letters on the front. The windows are decorated with lavender curtains with gold sequins. Candy canes, gumdrops, and lollies are painted on the exterior walls.

Cotton's Candy Kingdom Grand Opening!

Come, fillies, to the Grand Opening of Cotton's Candy Kingdom! Grab all the candy you can find! Smile We welcome all ponies, young, old, or inbetween. Got your special day coming up? We do parties, too! Hiring!

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Notable Locations



This is a list of original locations created by our wonderful and faithful patrons and staff. 

From official Roleplay Policy:

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