Posters all over Ponyville!

Missing Poster      Sapphire is hurrying around putting these posters everywhere, and some in the most absurd places! Really, who is going to see a poster underneath somepony's front porch or on a rooftop anyway?

  She seems rather distressed, and hurries along her way out of town and towards the forest to check her traps. If they haven't caught her by now, hopefully somepony will find her.

A Note For Foals

A series of small notes can be found scattered in seemingly hidden places around Ponyville. Written on sheets of pale blue in shaky, childish, but articulate script is a question aimed at the younger members of the town, being placed carefully in places adult ponies rarely venture (on the underside of a schoolhouse stair; in the pages of picture books in Twilight's Library; a hoofful of these small letters sealed in paffrin wax can be found scattered around the downtown area):

Shinula's Pharmacy

You like? Shinula made from recycled news-paper. Do not ingest though, ink is toxic. CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE.

Ah. Hello. You are probably wondering, 'Who is crazy striped pony, putting posters everywhere?' Well, will tell you. Am Dr Shinula. Pronounced, Shy-noo-la. Also am zebra, not pony, is difference. Also not crazy. Not imporant.

What is important, is Shinula's Pharmacy. Opened while back, but few in-town customers. All these potions and no where to go. So, think to self, advertise. But how? Posters! So, recy- nevermind, side tracked again. Talk about Pharmacy. Yes.

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