Puzzles and Ponies

Puzzles and Ponies 1st Fillydelphia revision!

After a few play testing, and player suggestion, we are making these follow changes:

  • PnP should be fully optional outside of events. No pony should be forced to roll, EVER.
  • PnP is only used to settle dispute or adding randomness when desired. Before you roll against somepony, whisper them first to make sure they are okay with rolling. Respect them if they do not wish to roll and play free form.
  • However, it is still mandatory to have stats in profile for character even if you never uses it
  • More...

Puzzles and Ponies going Live!

We've got a new role playing system: Puzzle and Ponies!. Found by Barbarella, we think that integrating it directly into our chat will be a great way to help keep ourselves balanced, as well as to encourage and harbour further creativity when developing your characters. Making a character sheet is going to be mandatory. Using dice in roleplay will be optional. The main reason for this, is to help balance things out a bit more, and to help us play together more fairly Also, character points may be awarded for participation in future events! Familiarize yourself with the rules (They are extremely simple and easy to use!) make a sheet for your character, and have some more fun! 

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Puzzles and Ponies: Ponies of Ponyville




Ponies of Ponyville

Fillydelphia Edition 1.0


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In here, you will see examples of Well known ponies, rules for Foals, and Other species.



Puzzles and Ponies: Introduction and Basics

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
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