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This is a shout-out to Fillydelphia Radio for asking for some promotiont! He said he wanted a link, but I think we will just do a little better then just a link, cause that is what we usually do. 

Anyway... this is from them!   Fillydelphia Radio (Not connected in any way to your blog of the same name), a pony-based internet radio stream created in early December, 2011.

Say hi to Judd West and their DJ for us! 

Incandescence's Opinions: The Revenge (Because it belongs in every series.)

{The standard station is overrun with static for a moment, followed by a distinctive click and then a silence. It's that time again. The voice on the other end has more to say, an unfamiliar but by now familiar voice for those who have their easy listening interrupted.}


Hello Equestria. How are you? How have you been? Did you miss me? I missed you. I've been thinking about what to say to you all, there's really so much to comment on. I'm not entirely sure where to start, but still, wow, it's been wiiiild ride since my last broadcast hasn't it? It's like nothing has threatened our nation in over a month! To most, at least.

Incandescence's Opinions Return

{Incandescence taptaps the Mic, dialing in to one of the public radio frequencies and taking a deep breath, putting on her boy voice. Time to entertain.}


Bang! Good morning Equestria, it is another beauuutiful day. The sun is shining thanks to the all powerful being, that glorious inglorious leader that lords over us and makes sure that we do not stray from our accetpable paths in life. You all know who I mean... Anyway! On with the show!


Today's Episode: Luna, The School for gifted Unicorns, The Winter Wrap Up, Canterlot, and The Edge of the Universe.

Incandescence's Opinions

Just a second.. Let me get up on my platform here, adjust my mic... There we go. Ahem.

Today's Episode: The Grand Galloping Gala, Celestia's Rule, and Life in General.

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