Decorating the Hearths Warming Tree (The Hub - Early Evening - December 22)

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Sun, 2013-12-22 11:45 - 20:45

As per custom this time of year, and in light of recent events, it is important for us all to remember what the Hearths Warming season is really about -friendship and unity between all ponies. It is in this spirit that each resident in Ponyville is invited to help decorate the large tree centerpiece in town square. All creatures great and small are encouraged to come down throughout the day and join in the excitement.


WHAT TO DO: On the afternoon of Sunday, December 22nd, the Hearths Warming tree will be brought into the town square along with several crates of ornaments, lights, tinsel, and more. Throughout the day Rarity will be decorating the square and supervising the decoration of the tree itself. Crates of decor will be set out for anypony's convenience and will remain out throughout the day. If anypony has questions, you may direct them to Rarity at the Carousel Boutique prior to the tree's arrival, or in the Hub after the event has begun.

Fire At the Carousel Boutique

The blaze at Carousel Boutique flamed up suddenly, without warning. Is this the same sort of 'accidental' sabotage that occurred at 56th 52nd and Mane? or just a common household fire caused by an untended stove? The entire boutique would have burnt to the ground quite quickly had it not been for a few vallient ponies that saved the day. Thanks go to VarienQill, Rarity herself, Skyflys, PlatinumSpark, and GamePlan for their vallient helps in putting out the fierce flames. Also helping was OrionShadow, helping to clean up, and your correspondant, Almondflash. Nopony was harmed, but thousands of bits of damage were wrought. The downstairs was almost completely ruined, kitchen and boutique area. Hopefully, no more of these accidents occur any longer.

Notice on the door of the Carousel Boutique

The following notice is posted on the door of the Carousel Boutique


Dearest Patrons,

The Carousel Boutique will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in preperation for the Summer Festival. If you have an order in already, you may pick them up at the Meeting Hall where I, Miss Rarity, will be decorating. If you require additional services or have already scheduled an appointment, please do feel free to visit me there. However do note that all commissions not directly partaining to the Summer Festival (unless otherwise noted) will not be completed until preperations are complete. If in the event I am unavaliable, do please feel free to contact my assistant Panty or leave me a message (PUB) at the boutique.

I look forward to helping each and every pony possible, do not be shy about asking.

~Miss Rarity

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